Built In’s Expert Contributor Program

We’re building an expert contributor network because we believe publishing real stories written by real tech professionals is one of the most effective ways we can help people in our community grow.


Built In’s new expert contributor section publishes thoughtful, solutions-oriented stories, commentary and dispatches written by innovators in the trenches at businesses — from local startups to multinational corporations — across the nation. This detailed, insider content aims to inform and entertain an engaged tech audience by combining competitive insights with artful storytelling. It aspires to be the industry’s definitive destination for sharing compelling, first-hand accounts of overcoming challenges on the road to innovation.


Who Can Write Contributor Content?

Ideal contributors are problem solvers on development and engineering, data and analytics, design/product and user experience, marketing and sales teams. They can work everywhere from early stage startups to established giants. They can be in the C-suite or just beginning to lead a team. VCs, advisors and tech researchers are also welcome to contribute.


Why Should I Contribute?

The Built In network offers our experts an engaged audience of more than two million readers every month — the majority of which are mid- to senior-level technology professionals — on BuiltIn.com and our eight regional sites in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Colorado, Seattle and Chicago. If you’re published on our network, you can increase visibility for your company, your expertise and your personal brand, as well as recruit top tech talent to your team.


Unlike other contributor networks, Built In also offers careful, professional editing (including developmental, structural, as well as line and copy), of the kind that you would receive as a writer at a major national magazine or newspaper, on every single story. Our team can help elevate ideas, language and headlines so your pieces reach the largest audience and gain the utmost influence within the industry and your specialty.


Because all pitches, ideas and drafts are formally evaluated by an independent team of professional editors, publication in the program also confers you professional prestige. You will be among an exclusive group of expert contributors recognized throughout the industry for the quality and depth of their work.


We’re actively searching for a roster of the brightest tech professionals in their respective fields. And we hope to hear from you soon.


Expert Columnists

The very best contributors in the network will be offered the opportunity to contribute on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and will receive the title of expert columnist. Each of their stories will be more prominently placed on the Built In site and will be heavily promoted through our various distribution channels. They will also receive a small fee for every story they publish.


I’m Interested. How Do I Get Involved?

Send us a paragraph outlining the professional challenge or subject you’d like to write about to [email protected]. Don’t overthink it.


Remember that these stories should be highly readable and engaging to people outside of your company. Every story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. When possible, they should avoid the heavy use of jargon, or seek to define it in a compelling way. They should endeavor to entertain other experts in your field without alienating more junior-level professionals.


These pieces should aim to reveal solutions that might help others in your field think through similar challenges. Map the hiccups you overcame on the way to specific innovations. Use this space to show how you solved a thorny problem, write frankly about challenges that momentarily stumped you and speculate about what you think the future might hold in your specialty.


If our team is interested in your story, they’ll be in touch.