Omar Rabbolini
Entrepreneur and Management Consultant. Formerly VP of Engineering at Formerly, Divide

Entrepreneur and management consultant. Previously VP of engineering at Divide, a startup acquired by Google in 2014, and head of engineering at GoAnimate.

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A set of interlocking gears representing process improvement
Nobody likes talking about process, but it’s the key to making great products. And the key to a great process is fluidity.
Stop stressing about creating something completely new and unique. Instead, focus on solving a real-world problem, and the rest will follow.
Does being lean mean building everything in-house? Actually, no — there’s a better way to make your startup money go further.
A shadow puppet fairy tale
Lots of things go into building a great product, but one of the most important elements is product narrative. Nailing it means the difference between being a flash in the pan and a household name.
A pen and pad with notes on an MVP
Getting the timing right on your MVP is crucial, but how do you know when it’s ready? The answer to that question depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.
arrow on track
How do you manage ambition among your engineering team? Offering multiple career tracks will ensure your people stick around to achieve their career goals.
A paycheck envelope
When it comes to engineers, the key to employee retention isn’t just about pay. Instead, you need to create a culture that fosters growth and development.
A person washes hands
Although post-sprint retrospective meetings may seem optional, they’re the best way to find and fix errors in your Agile process.
A leader rallies her team
The key to effective servant leadership is building a culture that makes power moves unnecessary.
A user accesses a mobile app
With more and more people using Android devices, companies leave money on the table by releasing apps just for iOS. But how can you keep costs down while developing an app for two markets? Here are some ideas.
3rd Thai - Lao friendship bridge across mekong river in Nakhon Phanom Thailand
As a servant leader, you have to look beyond keeping expenses down to unlock the full potential of a distributed team.
Worker Tracking Tasks Using a Kanban Board
Agile won’t produce great software on its own. For that, you need great management of engineers and product designers.