Russ Wilcox

Partner at Pillar VC and venture partner at the Harvard Rock Center. He was previously the founder and CEO of E Ink, Transatomic Power, and Piper Therapeutics.

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Keyboard with an email button, a call button and a location button.
Finding the right moment to approach venture capitalists will determine whether you get cash or just advice.
person programming
Planned casual time, new tools, and amped up onboarding. Here’s what Pillar VC learned when we asked 25 engineering leaders how they work now.
man falling through a hole
Corporate partnering at seed stage can distract you and even permanently lower the arc of your startup’s trajectory.
Before investing in patents, all startups should take two simple, low-cost steps: briefly check freedom to operate and put the right legal documents place.
Compose the perfect story for a financial audience, know your hook, and practice.
Winners in the new world — as well as smaller startups or those leveraging existing relationships — will still close deals during this period. But be wary of investors who use this environment to propose term sheets full of red flags.
The VC’s decision to invest comes down to four core elements: scope, chemistry, unicorn potential and financial match.