Ying Wang

Software polymath with professional experience in full-stack web development and data engineering.

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Data divergence, meaning differences in results generated from old and new versions of data architecture, results from a number of issues in the pipeline. Fortunately, a relatively straightforward method exists for resolving the problem.
A cloud hovers next to servers
In my continuing DevOps journey, I’ve become intrigued by Pulumi as a resource orchestration tool. Its infrastructure-as-code approach offers benefits that tools like CloudFormation don’t.
A visualization of the cloud
RDS, CloudFront, and EC2 Time Synchronization Service are all managed cloud services that offer developers great bang for their buck.
A visual representation of cloud computing
Being mindful of the types of cloud services you use when building your tech stack can make a huge difference in your project in the long run.
A DevOps Honeycomb
I found that learning DevOps was a lot like learning to skate, but, with enough practice, I eventually stopped falling.