Jason Cottrell
Co-Founder and CEO at Myplanet

Co-founder and CEO of Myplanet.

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Headset laying on a keyboard.
AI can optimize pivotal moments of interaction with customers to create market-differentiating experiences.
A cartoon chatbot hovering over a phone. Person in the background.
The effective use of chatbots in retail settings offers a framework for how to harness this technology in other scenarios.
Cartoon planes zooming around, shows multiple vectors.
AI can offer enhancements that help put travelers at ease.
Stethoscope with data coming out of it.
Emerging technologies could make health services more affordable and accessible to all.
Person using their phone to pay.
From curbside pick-up to checkout-free purchasing, the way we shop is changing. But are consumers going to embrace it?
tech guy
Basics, trends, data, and soft skills.
Alienation of remote or introverted employees can be a major barrier to company-wide engagement. Myplanet built Askaway to give every voice equal footing.