Adam Thomas
Managing Director at Approaching One
Expertise: Product management, strategy, leadership and organizational psychology
Education: University of Maryland Eastern Shore

What can we learn by following our curiosity, embracing the unknown, and creating amidst chaos? 

This is the question that propels Adam Thomas’s career as a technologist, product expert, and all-around thinker and creator. His answer so far? We can learn that our potential is limitless and we have an amazing array of options for living, working, and playing better.  

Seizing every opportunity to dive deep into these topics and more, Adam regularly holds his signature workshop on product strategy, management, and leadership, publishes his newsletter on all things tech- and product-related, and is frequently booked as a speaker on podcasts, conferences, and other forums dedicated to bright ideas and big possibilities. 

Situating the world of products within the contexts of culture and behavioral psychology, Adam breaks down technical subject matter into easy-to-grasp concepts, illuminating the insights that tech leaders, product developers, and brands can use to do more and do better when it comes to their product decisions. 

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30 Articles
Sands filter through an hourglass
Nov 29, 2022
Time complexity is an important concept in computer science, and you need to understand it well in your career as a developer. Here, our expert explains the concept and how to handle it in your work.
A king shines on a chessboard
Nov 15, 2022
What makes a product strategy work? It reduces ambiguity and focuses a team’s attention on the most important elements of its work.
A close-up of a designer's hands holding a pen and working on design markups
Oct 18, 2022
Experience design is a crucial component of building a great product. Here are the basics of the discipline.
A close-up of hands on plans for a project
Oct 04, 2022
Product and project management are different disciplines with different approaches. As a product manager, though, you need to know how to do both.
A sprinter launches out of the blocks on a race track
Sep 20, 2022
Design sprints are a great tool to get a stuck team moving. Here’s how to run your own so you can start building great products.
A hand pushes the button on a ceiling smoke detector
Sep 06, 2022
Smoke testing is a simple way to check the most important aspect of a product: that it works. This guide will introduce you to its best practices.
A view of a man from behind as he looks at UI prototype diagrams
Aug 23, 2022
Have you ever heard the term “UI” in a meeting and nodded along while not really knowing what anyone meant by it? Well, then this guide is for you.
A team celebrates by high-fiving
Jun 14, 2022
Survival metrics are a great tool to build trust both among your team and, more broadly, for your work throughout your entire company.
Two delivery packages in front of a door
May 17, 2022
Product management, unlike many other technical disciplines, doesn’t create a discrete output. So, what should you be spending your time on?
A product team holds a brainstorming session
May 03, 2022
Product managers face constant pressure to innovate, but research suggests the majority of ideas have no impact on a company’ s bottom line. So, how can you tell which ideas you should focus on and which are a waste of time?
Two product people work on a design together
Jan 25, 2022
To ensure your product team is truly following the Agile Manifesto, you have to give yourselves time to adjust. That can’t happen when you’re stuck in a positive feedback loop.
A product management team collaborates
Jan 11, 2022
Product management requires flexibility and adaptability in its practitioners. So, with so much nuance, how do we define what product managers actually do?