Nick Babich
UX Designer at Milkinside

Nick Babich is a UX designer for the design firm Milkinside. He formerly worked for RingCentral.

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A designer shows a tablet computer to her colleagues
A business’s relationship with design may exist at various levels. Our expert explains how to asses your own status and get where you want to go.
A set of emotional reaction emojis
Designers might not think about emotions, but building a product that affects them has a positive impact on user mood and help create better engagement.
A child interacts with a touchscreen monitor
Human-computer interaction is a field of study focusing on how people use computers and how to design those machines to best serve the users. Here, our expert explains the basics of the discipline.
A woman shows a tablet computer to a robot
Even though AI isn’t ready to replace humans in creative fields, we can already see its influence. Incorporating these tools into your workflow now will make you a more versatile, smarter worker.
A compilation of research materials
Quantitative and qualitative research methods are often treated as opposites. But to make the best possible product, you need both.
A UI/UX designer works on paper designs
UI and UX may seem like interchangeable terms, but they actually denote separate parts of a product’s design. This guide will help you distinguish them.
Two people look at analytics and charts on a monitor
Analytics tools provide website owners with so much information that it can be hard to know what to pay attention to in order to improve your performance. These metrics are the ones that matter most.
A product team collaborates on a project
Design thinking is a human-centric problem-solving framework that helps teams find solutions that work. Your team can use it to overcome any challenge you may face.
A writer works at a typewriter with a cup of coffee and a notebook nearby
Microcopy is a small — no pun intended — but mighty part of your website’s design. This guide will help you craft great microcopy to make the most of it.
Several slices of bread next to a bowl of breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation system that you can include to improve your website’s usability. This guide will help you get started with them.
A writer takes notes in a notebook
Although too many teams treat it as an afterthought, you should work on UX writing from the start of the design process. Here are some rules for crafting great copy to help users make the most of your product.
A compass sits on a map with pins in it
To design a great product, you need to understand what the user does with it. A user journey map will help you to answer that question for the product’s entire lifecycle.