Karen Rhorer
Director of Strategy and Analytics at Twilio

Karen Rhorer is director of strategy and analytics at Twilio.

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Sales managers, here’s how you can set data-driven sales goals for your reps and make sure they have the right tools to reach quota.
Are your SDRs on track to hit quota? Setting goals and reviewing them regularly sets you and your team up for success. Here’s how to do it.
sales-pipeline-review two women look at a computer screen together
How do you get the most out your employees’ pipeline reviews? Here are a few tips from my time in the field.
Metrics and Sales Team
Setting clear data-driven expectations for your fully-ramped reps will not only create a more positive onboarding experience, it’ll set your entire sales team up for long-term success.
data-driven one-on-ones
In sales, we’re accustomed to data steering quarterly and annual reporting. But how can regular one-on-ones with direct reports become just as data-driven?