David Vandegrift
Co-founder and CTO at 4Degrees

Co-founder and CTO of 4Degrees, a Chicago-based startup using AI to help professionals build stronger relationships.

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As long as you’re using the process to treat your employees with as much humanity as possible, you’ll see a clear improvement in productivity and retention.
An alarm clock that's disappearing.
The costs don’t always outweigh the presumed savings in time and expertise.
A wall covered with post-its with a variety of tasks on them.
Poorly defined tasks result in wasted time and energy. Here’s how to better write and frame them.
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Infusing more humanity into engineering teams would benefit the entire tech industry.
Post-its with various words associated with agile and development.
For growing startups, it can be difficult to determine when and how to transition from delivering products quickly to prioritizing quality.
Pins connected by yarn.
Employ a campaign-based strategy to build more long-term, meaningful relationships.
technical interview process
Forget brainteasers, white-boarding and knowledge quizzes. 4Degrees CTO David Vandegrift shares his ideal template for hiring the best technical talent.
The method is called the AI Sophistication Curve. For it to work, all you need is an understanding of the problem you’re trying to address and a team with basic software product deployment capabilities.