Shannon Hogue
Head of Engineering Solutions at Karat

Head of engineering solutions at Karat.

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Clay blocks with figurines on them laying next do a magnifying glass.
Over-reliance on resume screeners may be limiting your talent pool.
Pen and notepad sitting on an empty conference room table.
Inclusion is about making sure employees are set up for success. These are two ways I plan to make that happen.
You need to prioritize and communicate your message with your target audience in mind.
revenue chart
If you can assign dollar amounts to steps on your product roadmap, you might just get the headcount you’re looking for.
Interviews are only as fair as the people who get invited to them. Too often the status quo is to filter out, not to welcome in.
In order to continue thriving during the pandemic, prioritize remote onboarding, find ways to connect with colleagues, and help your customers.
Bias-test your questions, train your interviewers on clear communication and implement standardized scoring rubrics.
remote interview
Every company that is moving to remote hiring should consider three crucial concepts: competencies, interviewers and measurement.