Tissa Richards
Technology Entrepreneur at Technology Entrepreneur

Technology entrepreneur, founder and investor in software companies with over a dozen patents; speaks and coaches on branding and entrepreneurship.

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Just because an investor agrees to meet with you doesn’t mean they’ll give you a check. As a founder, your job is to figure out who will and not let pointless meetings take up your valuable time.
An entrepreneur makes a pitch to a group
Despite knowing their product inside and out, a lot of founders faceplant when it comes to investor pitches. If you want to maximize your chances at funding success, you need to tailor your message to the audience.
A user rates a product
A company culture that allows your team to experiment and fail is crucial to your long-term growth. As a leader, your job is to create a space that fosters that kind of creativity.
A sword hilt and handle
When disaster strikes, pointing a finger can be tempting, but great leaders cultivate a culture of accountability rather than blame.
A graph of credibility
On both an individual and an organizational level, the key to building a great reputation is operating with a clear purpose in mind.