Eric Kleppen
Software Product Analyst at Infinite Campus
Expertise: Software Engineering
Education: University of Minnesota

Eric Kleppen is a software product analyst at Infinite Campus, where he’s worked since 2012 in a number of roles. Eric earned his bachelor’s degree in scientific and technical communication from the University of Minnesota. He also holds a certificate in data visualization and data analysis from the University of Minnesota.

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Sentiment analysis illustration of three people who each have an emoji-like speech bubble over their head. From left to right they're neutral, happy, and sad.
We use sentiment analysis to gain insights into a target audience’s feelings about a particular topic. Here are the basics of sentiment analysis types and techniques.
Turing Test image of a man from behind having a conversation with a white humanoid robot.
In the Turing Test, a computer and human are asked questions to determine which is human. If the computer is indistinguishable from the human, it passes the Turing Test.
Hypervisor data storage towers
A hypervisor is a software layer running on a host machine that allows the host machine’s resources to be divided between virtual machines (VMs).
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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to vectorize text using Gensim and Plotly.