Vihar Kurama
Engineer and Developer Advocate at Appsmith 
Expertise: Software engineering
Education: Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology

Vihar is a developer, writer, and creator. He is currently working with the growth team at Appsmith as an Engineer and Developer Advocate.

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16 Articles
3d rendering using three.js cubes illustration
A step-by-step guide to rotating a 3D cube with three.js and a challenge for the reader.
two lightning bolts against each other
A comparison of the two popular Python frameworks.
A visual rendering of machine learning
A hands-on guide to getting started with TensorFlow 2.0.
Tensorflow 2.0 Logistic Regression
An in-depth look at logistic regression analysis with TensorFlow 2.0.
tensorflow linear regression
An in-depth look at linear regression analysis with TensorFlow 2.0.
A visual rendering of a data web
Choosing the right algorithm for modeling data is a crucial part of the work of a data scientist. Here are the basic techniques.
In order to build a working data model, you'll need to understand all the basics of data access, blending, cleansing and validation.
collaborative filtering
How recommender systems use collaborative filtering.
Machine Learning Regression
The ultimate goal of the regression algorithm is to plot a best-fit line or a curve between the data.
feedforward neural networks
Take a dive into the first type of artificial neural network ever invented — feedforward neural networks.
Supervised Learning with Python
The ultimate goal of the supervised learning algorithm is to predict Y with the max accuracy for a given new input X. Here's how that works.