Meriam Kharbat
Senior Software Engineer at Field Intelligence Inc.

Senior software engineer at Field Intelligence Inc.

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From accidental complexity to Conway’s Law, here are the five papers and crucial concepts that influenced the way I think about programming.
complain face
It demonstrates trust, gives you opportunity to grow as a leader, and can even improve team performance.
tech lead feedback
Ask for feedback and be specific about what types of feedback you expect. If that doesn’t work, experiment with self-evaluation and ask your colleagues.
product engineer
While good product owners have a natural ability to guide product vision, failing to communicate with engineers during the initial ideation phase is a waste of time, opportunity and talent. And it may eventually cause a project to combust.
Give them time and space to familiarize themselves with the codebase, teach them where to look for answers and don’t fall prey to the curse of knowledge. In other words, be a mentor.