Olivia Belitsky

Olivia Belitsky is a product manager in the fintech and e-commerce industries, with previous experience at Wayfair and Staples. Belitsky is an MBA candidate at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

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An illustration of a smartphone with oversized banner notifications popping up. /product-management/weird-push-notification-belitsky
You should avoid frustrating experiences, intrusive interruptions, and friction by balancing the importance of the message with the severity of the interruption.
A confident person sitting at a desk and smiling. Earning credibility as a product manager includes earring trust.
Demonstrate your shared values and reliability to be an influential product leader.
Olivia Volunteer story
Build your cross-functional skills while making a difference in your community.
Product manager mulls a decision without data.
Which raises the question: How do you make decisions without data?
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Here’s how to create intuitive user experiences.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice trying to break into the field, anxiety spikes during job interviews. Here's how to get the offer.
Without a data-driven method of prioritization, you are inviting anyone with an opinion to hijack your roadmap.
With a clear definition of success and a tight list of prioritized enhancements, you can save your MVP from itself.
Follow these strategies to have the greatest possible impact on your product and team.
To distinguish yourself from other PM prospects, creatively leverage past experiences where you identified the right problems to solve, then show how you brought the solutions to life.
In most cases, burnout isn’t your fault. It's a result of failures caused by the organization as a whole to adequately define success metrics and prioritize work around them.
Take these four steps today to make a real impact on your product and team.