Joe Procopio
Chief Product Officer at Get Spiffy

Joe Procopio is the chief product officer of Get Spiffy and the founder of Teaching Startup. He has more than three decades of startup experience, including serving as the CPO of Automated Insights, where he co-developed and patented the first commercially available natural language generation platform. In addition to Built In, Procopio regularly contributes to Inc. Magazine.

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A support member working on a computer.
Sep 20, 2022
A weak support team can lead to a weak company. To maximize efficiency, prioritize triage, communicate holds, fix the escalation path, and allow for generosity.
Five targets are lined up, with several arrows in the center of the nearmost one. /product-management/5-goals-free-trials
Sep 20, 2022
Don’t just give your product away blindly, make those trails count.
A young white man in a plaid shirt holds a document and types on a laptop. /product-management/must-document-no-code-low-code
Sep 06, 2022
Here’s a conceptual framework to help keep your no-code and low-code effort simple, but comprehensive.
A strip of paper is ripped away to show another piece of paper below it with “What’s new?” typed on it. /product-management/release-management-documentation
Aug 25, 2022
Ignoring this important documentation process sabotages great products and features.
An American speed limit sign showing a limit of 80 miles per hour. /product-management/product-roadmap-velocity
Aug 23, 2022
Let’s go fast without breaking stuff — which means that sometimes, for some things, you have to go a little slowly.
A number of hands hold up a physical text bubble with “requirements” written on it. /product/product-requirements-documentation-prd
Aug 09, 2022
Sorry, founders — a product requirements document isn’t sexy, but it is a must for building a successful product. Here’s what you need to write a winning PRD.
A person applies duct tape over a crack in masonry. /customer-success/customer-success-not-making-customers-happy
Jul 12, 2022
Don’t let your customer success strategy mask the flaws in your product. Instead, make sure it uncovers them.
Raise Money for a No-Code Startup
Jun 28, 2022
I’m not going to talk you out of it, so let’s make sure you take your best shot.
Several drawings of a baby learning to walk. /founders-entrepreneurship/4-phases-scale-crawl-walk-run
May 31, 2022
How to keep it simple — and solvent.
Four wooden blocks are in a row. A pawn sits on top of the first one. The first three have right-facing arrows. The fourth has a bullseye. /founders-entrepreneurship/turn-goals-into-actions-procopio
May 31, 2022
Here’s a simple tool that I use to help startups, including my own, turn their plans into reality.
Closeup of a buzzer with a large "X" on it.
May 17, 2022
Avoid the lazy mistakes that come with poor pitch planning.
Apr 19, 2022
If you want your no-code business to take off, you have to treat it as a tool, not a business idea.