Joe Procopio
Chief Product Officer at Growers
Expertise: Product development and management, sales
Education: North Carolina State University

Joe Procopio is the chief product officer of Growers and the founder of Teaching Startup. He has more than three decades of startup experience, including serving as the CPO of Get Spiffy, where he led product from $2 million to $60 million in annual revenue, and CPO of Automated Insights, where he co-developed the first commercially available generative AI. platform. In addition to Built In, Procopio regularly contributes to Inc. Magazine.

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Hands fitting together puzzle pieces.
Turn your customer’s business needs into key benefits, then start building.
A person staring at a broken toaster.
Believe it or not, our expert starts with the company’s vision.
A dog begging. Marketers need to ask customers permission to use their names .
Using customers’ names can validate your business. Asking them first is the right thing to do.
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Project management is often disguised as product management, but they could not be more different.
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Non-tech founders need knowledge and time, plus money, to start a high-tech company.
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Ask yourself four questions about risk tolerance versus risk aversion.
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Here’s a conceptual framework to help keep your no-code and low-code effort simple, but comprehensive.
Product roadmaps help build the metaphorical car as it speeds down the highway.
This is how you build the car while it’s speeding down the highway.
People crunching numbers. Intellectual property and multiples on revenue all figure into startup valuations.
There are formulas and market multiples. Then there’s what someone is willing to pay.
A person using ChatGPT. Entrepreneurs should be aware that not everything should be automated.
Here’s a rule of thumb: Not everything should be automated.
A strip of paper is ripped away to show another piece of paper below it with “What’s new?” typed on it. /product-management/release-management-documentation
Ignoring this important documentation process sabotages great products and features.
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Fake talent can sink your company. Here’s how to sniff it out.