Best Companies to Work for in Atlanta

Best Companies to Work for in Atlanta

Atlanta is a bustling tech paradise filled with the perfect mixture of stalwart corporations and promising startups. We’ve rounded up the best tech companies that Atlanta has to offer across the verticals that are popular in today’s tech landscape.

Atlanta Tech Scene Overview
Atlanta Tech Job Scene
Atlanta Tech Scene Overview
atlanta tech scene
Atlanta has a bustling tech scene, filled with a promising mixture of corporate giants and breakthrough startups.

Atlanta Tech Scene Overview

ATL. The Big Peach. Hotlanta. Whatever you call Atlanta, just don’t call it irrelevant. Atlanta confidently goes toe-to-toe with virtually every major city in the US when it comes to everything from diversity and culture to food. The city’s tech industry is no exception, either. The “Silicon Valley of the South” boasts an impressive array of well-established companies and a bountiful group of tech startups. Together, these companies breed innovation, excitement and talent for Atlanta.

The Atlanta tech scene has exploded in recent years to include both a large quantity and quality of startups. The Atlanta metro area (the fifth largest metro area in the US), was recently ranked as the #1 city for startups outside of NYC and San Francisco, and was named the #7 tech talent pool in the country. It’s being fueled by investment from industry leaders, like Coca-Cola and Home Depot and well-known startup accelerators, like Atlanta Tech Park.

The Atlanta tech scene is particularly known for sectors like fintech, cybersecurity, biotech, media, software and logistics. Atlanta is quickly becoming known as “Transaction Alley” because its financial tech companies, like Kabbage, Fiserv and GlobalPayments, process up to 70% of all credit and debit transactions in the US. Because of the high number of financial transactions occurring, Atlanta fintech companies have partnered with the growing number of ATL-based cybersecurity companies, like SecureWorks, Ionic Security and Bluefin Payments, to help to protect consumers from devious cybercriminals.

Move over, Hollywood. The Atlanta media and film technology scene is also thriving. The city is home to digital media players, like CNN, Mailchimp, Turner Entertainment Networks, Cox Media Group and, most recently, Tyler Perry Studios. Some of the most popular and innovative movies and TV shows are being filmed in the heart of Georgia due to its sprawling media scene.

Atlanta is also home to a growing number of biotech and logistics startups, spurred by industry stalwarts. Since Atlanta is home to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it makes perfect sense that more than 400 bioscience companies call Atlanta home- making it the sixth fastest-growing, bio-related employment city in the country. Atlanta’s distinction as a hub for logistics and supply chain companies also makes a lot of sense, given Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest airport in the world and Fortune 500 mainstays, like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, The Home Depot and UPS, call the city home. Together, these industry veterans, and up-and-coming startups, make Atlanta the premier destination for innovation within the logistics industry.

Atlanta Tech Job Scene
atlanta tech jobs scene
Atlanta is home to a plethora of booming tech companies and a diverse tech job market.

Atlanta Tech Jobs Scene

The Atlanta area has the 10th largest tech population in the country, with more than 270,000 workers identifying that they work in a tech industry. Atlanta also boasts a median tech wage that is 92% higher than the average median wage at an average annual salary of $87,000. IT services and custom software services are the most popular tech industry in Atlanta, with 70,000 jobs in the sector. This is followed by telecommunications and engineering services with 48,000 and 29,000 jobs respectively.

Most popular tech jobs in Atlanta:

  • Software & Web Developer: 41,000 jobs
  • Systems & Cybersecurity Analyst: 18,000 jobs
  • Network Architect & Support: 17,650 jobs
  • Computer Support Specialist: 17,000 jobs
  • Database Administrators: 3,600 jobs

Atlanta is a thriving tech scene that is only made stronger by its impressive diversity, wealth of talent, world-class colleges and growing population. When it comes to tech hubs, Atlanta is the crown jewel, not only of the South, but maybe for the entire US.

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