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Healthtech • Other • Sales • Software • Analytics • Conversational AI
6 Offices
318 Employees

Artera is a SaaS digital health leader redefining patient communications. Artera is trusted by 700+ healthcare systems and federal agencies to facilitate approximately 2.2 billion messages reaching 72+ million patients annually. The Artera platform integrates across a healthcare organization’s tech stack, electronic health record (EHR) and third-party vendors to unify, simplify and orchestrate digital communications into the patient’s preferred channel (texting, email and/or IVR), in 109+ languages. The Artera impact: more efficient staff, more profitable organizations and a more harmonious patient experience. Founded in 2015, Artera is based in Santa Barbara, California and has been named a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company (2021, 2022), and ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for four consecutive years. Artera is a two-time Best in KLAS winner in Patient Outreach. We have also been recognized annually on Built In’s Best Places to Work lists since 2021. Our Values: We believe patient communication is the heart of healthcare and our employees are the heart of Artera. Everyone from interns to engineers at Artera worked together to co-create our values, what drives us and what we want to define us going forward. Here are our values: Work to Win: We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can. We value hard work, smart decisions, and a will to dominate our marketplace. Deliver with Passion: We love what we do. We’re driven by our passion, determination, a sense of urgency, and the burning need to change healthcare for all patients. Play as a Team: We’re built on trust. We’re growing this company together, sharing wins and losses, and holding each other accountable. Pursue Growth: We will always be learners. We take steps to continue growing, learning, and sharing the knowledge we have with others. Make it Better: We’re surrounded by opportunities for improvement. When we see a problem, we take ownership, propose a solution, and make it happen.

Artificial Intelligence • Consumer Web • Edtech • HR Tech • Information Technology • Software • Conversational AI
10 Offices
2,900 Employees

Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL) is a global leader in corporate digital learning, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. The Company provides enterprise learning solutions designed to prepare organizations for the future of work, overcome critical skill gaps, drive demonstrable behavior change, and unlock the potential in their people. Skillsoft offers a comprehensive suite of premium, original, and authorized partner content, including one of the broadest and deepest libraries of leadership & business skills, technology & developer, and compliance curricula. With access to a broad spectrum of learning options (including video, audio, books, bootcamps, live events, and practice labs), organizations can meaningfully increase learner engagement and retention. Skillsoft’s offerings are delivered through Percipio, its award-winning, AI-driven, immersive learning platform purpose built to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. Learn more at www.skillsoft.com. Skillsoft provides a comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content, including courses, videos, books, and other resources on Leadership Development, Business Skills, Digital Transformation, Technology & Developer, and Compliance. Percipio’s intuitive design engages modern learners and its consumer-led experience assists in accelerating learning.

Hardware • Information Technology • Security • Software • Cybersecurity • Conversational AI
6 Offices
3,000 Employees

Meraki is a Greek word meaning “something done with soul, creativity, or love.” With this name as our mantra, we’re building a welcoming workplace that attracts eclectic, curious, purposeful people who unite to ignite our customers’ passions. Together, we create powerful, simple technology with the potential to change everything.

Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Conversational AI • Automation
Fully Remote
175 Employees

Kustomer delivers faster, richer experiences to your customers with omni-channel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations.

Artificial Intelligence • Software • Travel • App development • Conversational AI • Generative AI
San Francisco, California, USA
12 Employees

Woven (fka Everyday Agents) is an AI travel partner in private Beta that helps you discover, plan, and experience perfectly tailored travel in one app. By fusing beautiful, user-centric design with the latest advancements in agent architectures and LLMs, Woven replaces dozens of websites and self-serve transactions with quick, personalized recommendations – like a guidebook written just for you. With a 3X AI founder and a founding team from Airbnb, Future, Lyft, Primer.ai, Uber, and YouTube, the San Francisco-based company is backed by top venture capital firms. Woven is putting travelers back in the center of their journeys so you can spend less time planning and more time traveling.

Digital Media • Mobile • Software • Conversational AI
4 Offices
240 Employees

At Sendbird, we are building the most scalable and powerful chat API in the world with a mission to build connections in a digital world. Conversations have always been the way people build relationships and get things done and our goal is to put the power of conversations in the hands of every developer and brand by making apps more social through chat, voice and video. Sendbird is a rapidly growing unicorn start-up headquartered in San Mateo, CA with additional offices in; Seoul, London, Singapore, and Bengaluru and has raised over $220M with a $1 Billion+ valuation from leading investors, including: ICONIQ Capital, STEADFAST Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Shasta Ventures, Softbank Vision Fund 2, and Y Combinator.

Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • App development • Conversational AI • Big Data Analytics
Chicago, Illinois, USA
226 Employees

At Vail we develop innovative technology to enhance the way people communicate. Our mission is to create business value for our clients and growth opportunities for our employees by developing solutions that inspire people to interact freely and authentically.

Conversational AI
San Francisco, California, USA
5 Employees

MindMeld is a technology company based in San Francisco, California. Our Deep-Domain Conversational AI platform is the first technology platform that enables companies to build intelligent conversational interfaces for any application or device. The world’s most innovative companies use our platform to power next-generation voice and chat assistants that enable users to quickly find and navigate information in a range of applications. MindMeld has been widely recognized as a leader in the field of natural language computing and was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the "100 Brilliant Companies"​ of 2015 and by MIT Technology Review as one of the world's "50 Smartest Companies"​ of 2014. Since 2011, MindMeld has pioneered the development of technology to power a new generation of natural language applications. MindMeld’s customers and investors include some of largest technology companies in the industry, such as Google, Samsung, Intel, Uniqlo, Spotify, Telefonica, Liberty Global, and IDG, as well as some of the largest automobile manufacturers and government agencies. MindMeld is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to ensure that every project is successful. Our engagement model includes a dedicated team of experts who provide guidance and planning to ensure that your application is properly scoped. In addition, our team will work with your organization to ensure that implementation proceeds efficiently and that the final result meets the desired expectations. Our product license also includes a full support team who will ensure that your implementation will continue to operate reliably to meet the needs of your business.

Productivity • Software • Conversational AI
9 Offices
6,355 Employees

Millions of developers around the world have used Twilio to unlock the magic of communications to improve any human experience. Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications. By making communications a part of every software developer’s toolkit, Twilio is enabling innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.

Conversational AI
Gambir, DKI Jakarta, IDN
79 Employees

Kata.ai is an Indonesian Conversational Artificial Intelligence company with a focus on enhancing the understanding of human conversations, improving the way humans collaborates with machines. Kata.ai’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology powers intelligent chatbots (virtual customer service / virtual friend) for major corporations in Indonesia across different kind of industries such as, Unilever (FMCG) and Telkomsel (Telco). The company’s proprietary Kata Bot Platform can be leveraged to create engaging chatbots on top of Kata.ai’s robust and scalable AI technology platform, ensuring company of any size can easily build their own chatbot on any messaging platform. Established in 2015, the company has become a trusted partner for major corporations such as Microsoft, Accenture, and Line. In 2017, the company also received Series-A funding led by Trans-Pacific Technology Fund.

Machine Learning • Software • Conversational AI
2 Offices
115 Employees

Speechmatics is the world’s leading expert in Speech Intelligence, combining the latest breakthroughs in AI and ML to unlock the business value in human speech. Businesses use Speechmatics worldwide to accurately understand and transcribe human-level speech into text regardless of demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect or location in real-time and on recorded media. Combining these transcripts with the latest AI-driven speech capabilities, businesses build products that utilise summarization, topic detection, sentiment analysis, translation and more. Speechmatics processes over 300 years of transcription worldwide every month in 48 languages and can translate 69 language pairs. Having pioneered machine learning in speech recognition, its neural networks consider acoustics, languages, dialects, multiple speakers, punctuation, capitalisation, context and implicit meanings. Speechmatics is headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Speechmatics is a registered trademark.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Edtech • Internet of Things • Software • Conversational AI • Big Data Analytics
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
50 Employees

Virtue Analytics is a boutique Strategy and Analytics consulting firm based in Minnesota, USA provides project-based AI consulting services to companies worldwide. Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management platform allows Colleges and Universities to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. We offer a suite of products at a promotional price - NPC, Scholarship Estimator, Smart Forms, Virtue File Reader, Grant Optimization, Inquiry Assessor, Admission Recommender, Application Forecaster, Deposit Conversion, Multiple Scholarship Estimator and, more.

Artificial Intelligence • News + Entertainment • Conversational AI
Los Angeles, California, USA
57 Employees

Wonder Dynamics a media-tech startup developing an AI production tool that would allow indie filmmakers to deliver blockbuster-level VFX on a fraction of the budget.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Machine Learning • Software • Design • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Fully Remote

We create next-generation conversational AI for finance and business, empowering seamless integration of privacy-centric financial AI with our flagship product, Finley AI. A WealthTech100 company, we've collaborated with the FCA Advice Unit on innovative financial guidance models.

Edtech • Information Technology • Professional Services • Conversational AI • Generative AI
20 Employees

Revolutionize Your SAT Prep with LearnQ.ai's Digital SAT Tools Welcome to LearnQ.ai, your premier destination for digital SAT preparation. With our cutting-edge AI-powered learning and assessment platform, we are redefining the way students, teachers, and educational institutions engage with SAT prep. Our suite of digital SAT tools is designed to deliver accurate predictions of your SAT exam scores, empowering you with the confidence to excel. Unmatched Accuracy in SAT Score Prediction At LearnQ.ai, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to offer an unparalleled digital SAT tool that predicts SAT scores with up to 80% more accuracy. Whether you're a student seeking to improve your performance, a teacher aiming to enhance educational outcomes, or an institution looking to offer top-notch prep services, LearnQ.ai is your all-in-one solution for official SAT practice. Product Features Digital SAT Simulation: Experience the SAT exam before the actual test day with our full-length digital SAT test simulator. This tool provides a realistic testing environment, helping you to adjust your preparation strategies based on actual SAT conditions. Comprehensive SAT Prep Resources: Dive into our extensive array of SAT prep tools: 1. .Free Digital SAT Study Plan Generator 2. Free Digital SAT Score Calculator 3. Free Digital SAT Math, Reading, and Writing Practice Tests & Questions AI-Driven Insights: Our AI models continuously analyze assessment data, building a comprehensive knowledge graph for each learner. This allows us to provide real-time, tailored feedback and insights to educators and learners through our mobile app. Gamified Learning Experience: Engage with SAT prep through our concept-wise, gamified learning modules that make studying interactive and fun. Why Choose LearnQ.ai? a) Predictive Analytics: Stay ahead with our predictive tools that not only forecast your potential SAT scores but also pinpoint areas for improvement. b) Real-Time Feedback: With instant data analysis, LearnQ.ai ensures that learners receive the guidance they need exactly when they need it. c) Accessibility: Our resources are accessible anytime, anywhere, making it easier than ever to prepare for the SAT. Ready to elevate your SAT test prep? Visit LearnQ.ai to explore our products

AdTech • Artificial Intelligence • Events • Marketing Tech • Software • Conversational AI • Automation
5 Offices
949 Employees

At Constant Contact we exist to help the small stand tall. Team CTCT’s work empowers small business owners and nonprofit leaders to follow their passions and grow their businesses. We’re all about delivering success for our customers and our people. Our culture revolves around connection: we connect our customers to the tools they need to grow and succeed, and we build strong relationships with each other so that everyone feels included, supported, and heard. We close the gap between what is and what can be through innovation and advocacy, and we do it all with a deep sense of integrity. When you’re at Constant Contact, you’re connected to people and resources that help you take the next step.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Seattle, Washington, USA
55 Employees

Symbl.ai unlocks access to state of the art understanding and generative AI models purpose built for conversation data. It enables businesses to transform unstructured conversations into knowledge. Symbl.ai products include Automatic Speech Recognition, APIs for conversation intelligence such as sentiment, entities, trackers, and more, Nebula LLM for generative tasks, and Insights UI as a pre-built UI experience.

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Software • Conversational AI
Mountain View, California, USA
122 Employees

Level AI (https://thelevel.ai) is a Mountain View, CA and Delhi, India based startup innovating in the Voice AI space. We are backed by top VCs, technologists from Silicon Valley and industry experts. We are on a mission for AI to augment the worker and not replace them. We are innovating in speech AI, NLP and information retrieval systems to bring customers and businesses closer to one another. The team has experience from Amazon Alexa, Google, and other leading AI organizations.

Artificial Intelligence • Conversational AI
New York, New York, USA
221 Employees

We at Parloa believe in the revolution of how businesses talk to their customers with the help of artificial intelligence. Ever since our company was founded in 2018 in the heart of Berlin, Parloa has become one of the leading SaaS platforms for Conversational AI. Our aim is to build the most comprehensive solution in this sector for enabling every company in the world to have better conversations with their customers. We pursue this vision with the highest standards of technical engineering and combine it with innovative leadership and a strong commitment of every team member to reimagine the future of customer communication.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Conversational AI
Palo Alto, California, USA
100 Employees

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