If the nation’s tech industry has proven anything in recent years, it’s that ski-resort cities often make promising tech hubs. While Denver and Boulder have carved out their own tech scene in the mountainous heart of Colorado, Salt Lake City has followed suit, spawning its own tech community in the middle of Wasatch country. In addition to boasting industry leaders like Ancestry.com and Overstock.com, the city is home to a growing ecosystem of tech companies targeting issues in sectors such as edtech, logistics, and healthtech

Software Companies in Salt Lake City to Know

  1. Quickbase
  2. Diib
  3. Suralink
  4. Qualtrics
  5. Kahoa
  6. Impressure
  7. DevSquad
  8. MarketDial
  9. ProfitWell

For most of Salt Lake City’s up-and-coming and established tech companies, software is essential to innovation. While some of them specialize in developing custom applications, others are using software to pave new avenues across pivotal industries. So whether they’re helping companies improve their customer experience or building websites for leading enterprises, software companies throughout the greater Salt Lake City area are shaping the city’s tech landscape. 

Check out these 17 software companies in Salt Lake City bolstering Utah’s tech potential.


Salt Lake City Software Companies

ServiceTitan Software Companies Salt Lake City

Founded: 2012

Small business owners have their hands full, but ServiceTitan is leveling the playing field with all-around software solutions. Relying on the technology of ServiceTitan, contractors can craft email campaigns, manage product prices, transcribe phone calls, and deliver timely and accurate pay. Local companies can now compete with some of the biggest names, thanks to the tools of ServiceTitan. 


WELL Software Companies Salt Lake City

Founded: 2015

The healthcare industry hasn’t always boasted a reputation for stellar customer service, but WELL is raising the bar. The company has developed a communications hub that allows doctors to engage in multilingual, conversational messaging with patients. WELL’s technology integrates with various platforms, allowing teams to transition seamlessly and improve patient interactions. 



Founded: 1990

MobilityWare is a publisher of card and puzzle games for mobile devices. And it’s been around a while: In fact, MobilityWare was the first game developer to put Solitaire in the App Store. It also makes such titles as Hearts, Spades, Monopoly Solitaire and Bubble Shooter Pop. Headquartered in Irvine, California, for the past few decades, the company also opened a Utah-based studio to extend its reach.


ProfitWell Software Companies Salt Lake City

Founded: 2012

Managing and growing a business can pull leaders’ attention in different directions, so ProfitWell simplifies tasks with efficient technology. The company enables organizations to pinpoint the reasons why customers explore and stay with their products and tailor messages toward customers at risk of leaving. This way, businesses can reduce churn and understand how to build stronger relationships with their clients.  


Quick Base software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 1999

Quickbase operates an intuitive platform that helps speed up business innovation to move at enterprise scale, connecting business and IT teams to work together to build a sustainable ecosystem of applications. The platform eliminates technical misunderstandings by featuring intuitive dashboards that facilitate easier improvement of complex business applications, along with real-time insights to maximize business and application potential, all backed by powerful governance controls that ensure data integrity and security.


MarketDial software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2016

MarketDial offers in-store testing software for retailers, restaurants, grocers, CPGs, and others. The company’s platform enables users to create tests and analyze and comprehend their results. MarketDial aims to help its clients leverage data and improve decision-making in order to drive business growth. 


Filevine software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2014

Based in neighboring Provo, Filevine’s software is designed to help attorneys manage cases. The company’s platform enables its users to centralize communication, streamline workflows, secure records, and track expenses. Additionally, Filevine allows attorneys to build new case-type templates and receive customized reports. 


Qualtrics software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2002

Based in neighboring Provo, Qualtrics offers a platform that helps companies assess the quality of their customers, employees, products, and brands. The company’s products serve a wide range of purposes including customer experience management, market research, employee engagement, concept testing, and brand tracking. Qualtrics aims to make it easier to collect feedback and unearth hidden insights. 


Suralink software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2014

Suralink’s software allows accountants to request, share and track documents securely. Through the company’s platform, CPAs can create lists and set timelines, invite clients and firm users to collaborate on projects, share and upload files, and follow the progress of requests. Suralink is also equipped with real-time dashboards, instant notifications, and automated status updates. 



Diib software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2012

Diib’s platform is designed to help SMBs understand their data and scale quickly. Their platform offers actionable analytics, website monitoring, weekly snapshot emails, daily health scores, benchmarking, and more. Diib aims to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their online growth. 


Neoito software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2014

Neoito specializes in software development for both startups and enterprises. The company’s services include product architecture, legacy application refactoring, application performance audits, and design and engineering. Neoito partners with a wide range of clients including Wrench.ai, Lawli, and Xilo. 


Impressure software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2015

Impressure’s software enables people to create, manage, and monitor landing pages, customer surveys, and lead generation paths. The company’s platform gives users control of content, layout, and design in addition to metrics reporting. Impressure integrates with a variety of platforms including Google Sheets, Zapier, and ActiveProspect.  

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AceTek Solutions software companies in Salt Lake City
AceTek Solutions

Founded: 2008

AceTek Solutions is an IT services provider that specializes in software development. Their focus areas include web and mobile app development, cloud computing, robotic process automation (RPA), and AI and machine learning. AceTek Solutions serves clients from a wide range of industries such as insurance, education, and financial services.


Jellyfish Technologies software companies in Salt Lake City
Jellyfish Technologies

Founded: 2011

Jellyfish Technologies is a software development firm that offers a broad range of services. Their specialties include web and mobile app development, IoT, blockchain development, API integration and development, UI / UX design, and quality assurance (QA). Some of Jellyfish Technologies’ clients include Payleadr, AppDirect and jBilling. 


Kahoa software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 1996

Located in nearby Lehi, Kahoa specializes in building a variety of software applications. The agency’s focus areas include product concepting, information architecture, enterprise portals, cloud migration and DevOps, blockchain, and AI and machine learning. Some of Kahoa’s clients include Panasonic, Overstock.com, and Domo. 


ReposiTrak software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 1990

Situated in nearby Murray, ReposiTrak offers supply chain visibility software for retailers. Their platform allows retailers to find, vet, and onboard new suppliers, source local products quickly, find new customers, reduce inventory expenses, and more. ReposiTrak also helps retailers automate supplier compliance, simplify records sharing, and minimize brand and legal risk. 


DevSquad software companies in Salt Lake City

Founded: 2014

DevSquad is a software development firm that builds digital products for startups and enterprises. The firm offers a broad range of services such as prototyping, design sprints, web and mobile app development, and API development. Some of DevSquad’s clients include Box, Swell, and Fundwise.


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