IoT: The Internet of Things.

What Is The Internet of Things? A Complete Guide To IoT.

Internet of Things Definition

In the simplest terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is how we describe the digitally connected universe of everyday physical devices. These devices are embedded with internet connectivity, sensors and other hardware that allow communication and control via the web.    

What is IoT?
How Does IoT Work?
What is IoT?
what is iot: connected smart home example
What is IoT? It's when physical devices connect and share data one other "things" and people. The "smart home" is a great example IoT in action. 

IoT makes once "dumb" devices "smarter" by giving them the ability to send data over the internet, allowing the device to communicate with people and other IoT-enabled things.

The connected "smart home" is a good example of IoT in action. Internet-enabled thermostats, doorbells, smoke detectors and security alarms create a connected hub where data is shared between physical devices and users can remotely control the "things" in that hub (i.e., adjusting temperature settings, unlocking doors, etc.) via a mobile app or website. 

Far from being restricted to just the home, the Internet of Things can be found in an array of devices, industries and settings. From smart blackboards in school classrooms to medical devices that can detect signs of Parkinson's disease, IoT is rapidly making the world smarter by connecting the physical and the digital. 

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How Does IoT Work?


In a nutshell, IoT works in the following way: 

  • Devices have hardware like sensors, for example, that collect data. 
  • The data collected by the sensors is then shared via the cloud and integrated with software. 
  • The software then analyzes and transmits the data to users via an app or website. 

Internet-of-Things Devices

Internet-of-Things devices are all around us; constantly transmitting data and “talking” with other IoT devices. We come across IoT devices almost everyday in the form of virtual assistants, “smart” electronics and in our wearable health trackers. Each Internet-of-Things device tracks information in real-time and relays it to us to help make our lives safer, healthier or more efficient.

Smart devices connect to an IoT platform, described by the experts at IoT For All as "the support software that connects everything in an IoT system." There are hundreds of IoT platforms and some are made by such industry giants as Oracle and IBM. 

IoT Deep Dive

For more on how IoT works and where it's being used, check out any of the linked articles on this page. We've done deep dives on everything under the sun, but here are a few of our favorites: 

Overview & Examples

IoT in Healthcare

Industrial IoT

Smart Cities


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