25 Top B2B SaaS Companies

These top B2B SaaS companies build software products that help their customers improve the way they run their businesses.

Written by Margo Steines
25 Top B2B SaaS Companies
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 11, 2024

B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies create software products to be used by other businesses. Rather than having to install software locally, customers can access these products via the internet and pay for them under a subscription model. SaaS platforms can be used by companies of varying sizes for everything from managing human resources to optimizing IT systems. We’ve rounded up some top B2B SaaS companies helping customers improve the way they run their businesses.

Top B2B SaaS Companies

  • Contentsquare
  • LogRocket
  • TaskRay
  • Salesforce
  • Datadog
  • Workday
  • ClickUp
  • Gusto


B2B SaaS Companies to Know

FourKites gives its clients a real-time tracking platform to support management for their fleet vehicles, ships and planes. Serving shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, the company uses AI to automate tasks and workflows so that clients can accurately predict when their goods will arrive at a given location. FourKites’ technology keeps tabs on more than 3 million daily shipments.


Bectran makes SaaS risk management products for use by in-house finance departments. Its three product families address credit, collection and accounts receivable for clients who use the software to automate finance processes and digitize task management, with the goal of cutting costs while also optimizing against risk exposure. 

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Tropic offers a SaaS platform that companies use to improve efficiency across their spend management practices. The platform comes with automations for approval processes, automatic reminders for staying on top of contract renewals, data to inform negotiations for SaaS contracts, streamlined supplier onboarding and other tools meant to save businesses time and money. The company also offers a library of integrations so that businesses can link the Tropic platform with other tools like Slack, Workday and DocuSign.


Smartly’s software platform uses artificial intelligence to streamline workflows for developing, launching and optimizing ad campaigns. Its technology is designed to enhance creative collaboration with a centralized workspace for providing feedback for and viewing the status of ads in development. It also minimizes time consuming manual tasks through automations that trigger campaign adjustments based on performance metrics.


Healthtech company Tebra builds software to support medical practices. Its products cover everything from marketing and billing to online scheduling and automated appointment reminders. For example, Tebra has a suite of solutions for care delivery that includes a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform to facilitate virtual appointments and ePrescription capabilities to simplify the process of getting patients the medications they need.


Restaurant365 offers a SaaS management platform for food and beverage businesses. Addressing three key areas in the restaurant business, the platform handles labor concerns like payroll, retention and onboarding; inventory control with food cost management and scheduling; and back-office processes like accounting, budgeting and bookkeeping. The company is trusted by over 40,000 client restaurants, including the Buffalo Wild Wings chain. 


Cleo makes SaaS products, including a platform for inventory management, geared toward clients in the transportation and logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce and wholesale and distribution businesses. After acquiring its longtime European partner ECS International in 2023, the company is well positioned for global growth and rapid scaling on both sides of the Atlantic. 


Benchling makes SaaS products for research and development in the life sciences. With the goal of facilitating scientific discovery in biotech and pharma, the company’s R&D platform allows scientists to work together in one streamlined digital space, where everything from lab notebooks and sample tracking to data analysis and collaboration tools are located together. 

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Greenlight Guru makes SaaS products for medtech companies, which allow them to streamline their processes. Greenlight quality management systems, product development overviews and clinical electronic data capture support clients in modernizing and optimizing their operations, while also guiding medical companies through the regulatory process of bringing Software as a Medical Device, or SaMD, products to market.


Scorability makes a SaaS product marketed to coaches and athletics programs. It’s designed to better match collegiate athlete prospects with organizations across a variety of sports. Using proprietary algorithms, the tech is meant to streamline recruiting, which in turn saves time and increases transparency for both athletic organizations and athletes.


Yext makes marketing tech that facilitates digital experiences for client companies. The company’s omni-channel platform is equipped with AI to support clients in building high-quality digital experiences that provide relevant information to their customers. Its capabilities extend to listings, reviews, search analytics, social and other formats.


LogicManager’s enterprise risk management software takes client companies’ cumulative risk and puts it through an articulated process — first identify and assess, then mitigate, monitor and report. The software works to reduce the impact of risk across a client company’s operations, with capabilities that serve industries like banking, insurance, energy, transportation and retail.


FareHarbor offers a business management platform for businesses like tour operators, rental companies and adventure sites like zipline courses. The FareHarbor software product can be managed via desktop or mobile. With capabilities for streamlining inventory, bookings and staffing, the software enables growth and automation for over 20,000 client companies.


Acquia’s SaaS products include a cloud platform for Drupal applications, a “website factory” that functions as a web development hub, a campaign studio for creating marketing assets and a customer data platform. These products are used by client businesses in the healthcare, government, financial services and tech sectors.  


Sojern serves travel and hospitality businesses, bringing them technology for attracting and engaging customers. Its marketing tech platform is designed to ensure businesses are able to get their messaging in front of the right travelers at the right time. The company’s software solutions include automated optimizations so that every “campaign is performing at its peak in every conceivable metric.”


OneView Commerce specializes in digital transformation for retail businesses with the goal of “empowering retailers to overcome their archaic store infrastructure.” Its unified commerce platform provides the infrastructure and tools to enhance both in-store and digital experiences for shoppers. Its SaaS solutions cover key elements of retail business operations like inventory and order management, promotions strategy and building customer relationships.

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SmartBear has an array of products that software development professionals use to evaluate and improve the quality of their products. More than 32,000 companies around the world, including giants like Adobe, JetBlue, Microsoft and FedEx, use SmartBear’s solutions to handle tasks like software quality testing so problems can be solved before reaching users.


Contentsquare specializes in digital experience analytics. Companies from a variety of industries use its platform to get clarity on how their customers engage with their digital offerings both in desktop and mobile formats and what they can do to enhance the overall customer experience. Contentsquare says those insights enable brands to build digital experiences that “increase customer happiness and drive growth.”


LogRocket is a software solutions company that provides monitoring and fixes for common issues in apps, games, sites and other software entities. It focuses on session replay, error tracking and product analytics to help its client companies improve user experience for their customers. LogRocket’s subscription-based services range from a fully free tier to enterprise level.


TaskRay is a B2B software company that offers a Salesforce-native project management platform businesses can use for collaboration and efficiency. The platform’s main feature is a centralized project and resource management hub, which can handle a huge range of business operations, from team member onboarding to analytics and reporting.


Salesforce makes cloud-based software and a platform for customer relationship management. It blends sales, marketing, commerce, service and IT into one team and bills on a subscription basis, allowing clients to pay as they go. Salesforce’s CRM has been used by over 150,000 companies from small businesses to enterprise-level organizations.


Datadog sells cloud monitoring as a service. Once installed, it allows clients to monitor IT architecture like cloud infrastructure, system process, cloud-based applications and hosting platforms, delivering insights and metrics on how well and how safely their IT systems are working. The software can be configured to set up alerts and notifications, to monitor systems for latency and errors and to detect cybersecurity threats. 

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Cloud-based enterprise resource management from Workday uses AI to augment its portfolio of software products, which include financial management software, HR software known as Workday Human Capital Management, a planning system that can be integrated with existing ERP, an intelligent listening platform and a vendor management system. Those offerings come with analytics and management services for talent and workforce.


ClickUp’s enterprise resource planning software is a solution that integrates all the various software, processes and tools that a business uses into one workflow and dashboard. It incorporates task management, document collaboration, a whiteboard and dashboards, chat and many other features that are commonly cobbled together across multiple software providers. 


Gusto provides a payroll software platform that businesses of any size can use to automatically disperse payment and provide benefits like health care and retirement savings to employees and contractors. It also offers HR services like hiring, onboarding and compliance, and expert support on issues like tax withholdings, talent acquisition and benefits management. 

Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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