Miami may be mostly known as a beach lover’s paradise, but this coastal city has become one of the nation's biggest business centers. While “The Magic City” has long been a hub for tourism, it seems that tech is threatening to take over the local economy. According to the Miami Herald, the Kauffman Foundation has consistently ranked the city as the nation’s top destination for startups in recent years, putting it on par with other evolving tech capitals such as Minneapolis and Houston

Considering Miami’s tech scene keeps growing, it’s no surprise that the city boasts numerous agencies dedicated to SEO. The city’s search marketing experts help both local businesses and national brands optimize their online presence through strategies such as keyword research, link building and competitive analysis. 

Check out these 15 SEO agencies in Miami helping businesses broaden their digital reach.  

SEO Agencies in Miami to Know

  1. Link2CITY
  3. On The Map
  4. Outsmart Labs
  5. Play Media
  6. Digital Ascent SEO
  7. Rizen Inbound
  8. Krafted Digital
Link2CITY SEO agency Miami

Founded: 1999

What they do: Link2CITY is a digital marketing agency that offers a broad range of SEO services. The agency’s SEO skills include keyword research, link building, on-page SEO and analytical reports. Link2CITY also specializes in web design, email marketing, reputation management, social media, managed hosting and more.

Who they work with: Walgreens, IBM, Cartier and CBS.  


Solved Puzzle Agency SEO agency Miami
Solved Puzzle Agency

Founded: 2013

What they do: Solved Puzzle Agency is dedicated to helping brands generate leads and increase sales. In addition to offering standard and e-commerce SEO services, the agency specializes in B2B and B2C lead generation, e-commerce web design, copywriting, and videography and photography. The agency’s client base spans a variety of industries including food and beverage, real estate and financial services.

Who they work with: AA Concierge Services, Leslie Clark, Nava Pets and Zuuk Kitchen.


WEBRIS SEO agency Miami

Founded: 2013

What they do: WEBRIS is a digital marketing and growth agency that specializes in all aspects of SEO. Their SEO expertise encompasses performance reviews, competitive analysis, on-page improvements, keyword gap analysis, link prospecting and content topic generation. WEBRIS’ other services include UI / UX design and analytics.

Who they work with: Spark Admissions, The Blueprint Training, Ardent Cannabis and HyreCar. 


Digital Ascent SEO SEO agency Miami
Digital Ascent SEO

Founded: 2018

What they do: Digital Ascent SEO focuses heavily on delivering a wide range of local SEO services. The agency’s SEO knowledge covers content optimization, keyword research, backlink optimization and online reputation management. Additionally, Digital Ascent SEO offers mobile-friendly website development and lead generation services.

Who they work with: Home maintenance service providers, B2B software companies and more. 


Play Media SEO agency Miami
Play Media

Founded: 2010

What they do: Play Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in a variety of SEO strategies. Their SEO services include link building, content creation and website optimization. Besides SEO, Play Media also focuses on social media marketing, web design and development, and PPC campaign creation.

Who they work with: P&G, Mars Inc., Shell, Berkshire Hathaway and Duracell. 


On The Map SEO agency Miami
On The Map

Founded: 2009

What they do: On The Map focuses on a wide range of digital marketing services including SEO. The agency specializes in e-commerce SEO, offering services such as link building, competitor analysis, content creation, image optimization and schema markup. On The Map also offers social media management, website creation, PHP portal development and Google local listings.

Who they work with: Stroleny Law, Giron Roofings, Filter King and Koukla Kouture. 


Outsmart Labs SEO agency Miami
Outsmart Labs

Founded: 2013

What they do: Outsmart Labs is a strategic digital agency that specializes in local SEO. Their SEO expertise encompasses website optimization, link building, citations and online reputation management. In addition to SEO, Outsmart Labs offers services such as influencer marketing, brand refreshes, paid search and TikTok marketing.

Who they work with: Hilton Hotels, Bosch, Corsair and Focus Features. 


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Alphametic SEO agency Miami

Founded: 2015

What they do: Alphametic is a search marketing agency that offers extensive SEO services. Their SEO capabilities include content strategy, keyword research, technical audits and backlink research. Alphametic provides other services such as copywriting and social media marketing.

Who they work with: L’Oreal, SkyKick, Quest Diagnostics and ACA Compliance Group.  


Rizen Inbound SEO agency Miami
Rizen Inbound

Founded: 2014

What they do: Rizen Inbound is a marketing agency that focuses on SEO strategy. In addition to offering on-page and off-page SEO services, the agency provides services such as content creation, PPC management, social media marketing and web design. Rizen Inbound works with a variety of clients, ranging from home improvement providers to logistics tech companies.

Who they work with: Cargobot, Painless Processing, BioSweep Southeast and Alco Windows and Doors. 


Flowhance SEO agency Miami

Founded: 2017

What they do: Flowhance is a digital agency that specializes in SEO. In addition to SEO services, the agency offers expertise in web design and development, branding and social media marketing. Flowhance works with clients from a wide range of industries including energy, entertainment and retail.

Who they work with: Universal Music Group, Go Green Energy, Tivoli Park and Life of LX.


Market 8 SEO agency Miami
Market 8

Founded: 2010

What they do: Market 8 is a growth marketing agency dedicated to supporting SaaS firms. The agency offers a variety of SEO services including content optimization, review generation, link building and directory optimization. Market 8’s other specialties include paid search, web design, copywriting and customer research.

Who they work with: Sweet Spot, Siemens, Greenlight Guru and The Entrust Group.


Krafted Digital SEO agency Miami
Krafted Digital

Founded: 2012

What they do: Krafted Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that serves a diverse range of clients. In addition to SEO, the agency offers services such as email marketing, web design and development, mobile app development, content marketing and brand reputation management. Krafted Digital is dedicated to helping brands increase traffic, conversions and overall growth. 

Who they work with: Citrix, Dollar Shave Club, Aldi and Hugo Boss. 


Zinc Digital SEO agency Miami
Zinc Digital

Founded: 2019

What they do: Zinc Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in local SEO. Their SEO services include schema implementation, on-page optimization, reporting, content creation and link building. Zinc Digital also focuses on SEM, web design and reputation management.

Who they work with: Attorneys, storage companies, restaurants, dental practices and more. 


Actimedia SEO agency Miami

Founded: 2000

What they do: Actimedia is a digital marketing agency that aims to help its clients grow their businesses online. Besides SEO services, the agency offers social media management, branding, mobile app development, consumer research and audiovisual content creation. Actimedia’s client base spans a variety of industries including tech and hospitality.

Who they work with: Microsoft, Newlink, Westin Hotels & Resorts and Lexmark. 


Creative Mindworks SEO agency Miami
Creative Mindworks

Founded: 1998

What they do: Creative Mindworks is an integrated marketing and advertising firm that focuses on a wide range of strategies. In addition to SEO, the firm offers services such as brand positioning, media planning, content development, PPC management, and mobile app design and development. The firm works with a variety of clients, ranging from local restaurants to resorts.

Who they work with: Sproutz Healthy Kitchen, Neovita Doral and The Deauville. 


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