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If there’s one thing Miami is known for, it’s being able to throw a great party. From Little Havana to South Beach, Miami is a vibrant city known for delivering non-stop fun. Boasting over 15 miles of beachfront, dozens of golf courses and over ten million annual tourists, Miami’s ranking as the third most fun city in the U.S. is hardly surprising.

Miami certainly knows how to play hard, but the city also has a work ethic to match. Tech is beginning to rise as an integral Miami industry right beside nightlife and tourism, and more and more incubators, accelerators, and startups are being drawn in by the city's unique energy and rich cultural heritage. Dade County's unparalleled diversity gives the region an edge that many others lack, and Miami is making a name for itself as a place where people from every background imaginable can come together and dream up new visions for tech and the world.

Miami is stepping into the spotlight, and the rest of the tech sector is starting to notice. In 2017, venture capital firms invested around $1.3 billion in Miami startups, and that number is only expected to go up as time goes on. For software developers and design professionals looking for a place to settle down, Miami promises a rewarding experience both at the office and after clocking out. Check out these 20 ambitious tech companies in Miami proving that, when it comes to tech, Miami is the life of the party. 

Tech Companies In Miami to Know

  • Ryder System
  • Neoris
  • Brightstar
  • Open English
  • ClearSale
  • goTRG
  • TracFone Wireless
  • Alienware Corporation
  • Matillion
  • Zumper


monday.com Tech Companies Miami

Founded: 2012 

Focus: Productivity 

What they do: Organizing workflows becomes easier than ever, thanks to the simplicity of monday.com’s solutions. The company has crafted a platform where teams can arrange items, sub items, and groups into convenient boards for members to navigate. In addition, monday.com works well with Slack and other tools, so companies never have to sacrifice their preferred technologies. Whether teams work from computers or phones, the monday.com platform adapts to fit the unique needs of each business. 


Zumper Tech Companies Miami

Founded: 2012

Focus: Real estate

What they do: Zumper simplifies the housing search by allowing people to personalize their experience. Various filters enable customers to discover properties that meet their needs in popular cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Austin. Users can also submit their housing applications and credit reports through a screening service, making Zumper a go-to hub for those looking to secure new housing in even less time.  


Matillion Tech Companies Miami

Founded: 2011

Focus: SaaS

What they do: If a business is spending too much time sifting through data, then it needs the tools of Matillion. Through a cloud-based platform, the organization helps companies not only store but manage their data effectively. With a digital warehouse that can house information and pair with other cloud platforms, businesses can now conduct quick analyses and take steps to stay ahead of the competition. 


TracFone Wireless Tech Companies In Miami
TracFone Wireless

Founded: 1996

Focus: Mobile

What they do: TracFone Wireless is a mobile communications company that provides their customers with prepaid cellular services without requiring that they sign long term contracts or commitments. By providing mobile connectivity and unlimited carryover, TracFone Wireless seeks to make cellular technology more affordable and accessible to users.


Mi9 Retail Tech Companies In Miami
Mi9 Retail

Founded: 2001

Focus: Retail

What they do: Mi9 Retail's team aims to make the retail and B2C industries smarter and more tech savvy, providing them with business and merchandising intelligence technologies to make their operations run smoothly and quickly. Their software technologies help companies more accurately develop strategies and house their data, giving them the power to gain deep insight into their areas of success and increase their revenue across all channels.


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Ryder System Tech Companies In Miami
Ryder System

Founded: 1933

Focus: Logistics

What they do: Ryder System is a logistics and fleet management company that supports shipping companies in developing their supply chains and maintaining oversight on their shipments, offering a variety of tech enabled solutions to improve workflows. Some of the technologies they engineer and distribute include e-commerce enablement, smart warehousing, GPS tracking, and a number of other cutting-edge products.


Okcoin Tech Companies Miami

Founded: 2013

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Entering the world of cryptocurrency has never been easier, thanks to the convenient and cutting-edge products of Okcoin. Through the company's global exchange, customers can select assets, automate continuous payments, and manage decisions through the company's web and mobile apps. Okcoin is the perfect bridge for investors and traders who are hesitant about crypto, providing all the necessary tools and security measures.


Wix Tech Companies Miami

Founded: 2006 

Focus: Enterprise Web 

What they do: Because a digital presence has become essential for businesses, Wix is making the design process easier than ever. Companies can choose from over 500 templates and further customize their sites with unique fonts, built-in SEO tools, and scroll effects. For those with busier schedules, Wix ADI can design a personalized website after customers answer a few quick questions. 


Neoris Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2000

Focus: IT

What they do: Neoris provides IT design and consulting services to companies of all sizes across the globe, with a focus on delivering solutions for outsourcing, workflow management, value adding and security. Neoris serves nearly every industry from education to finance, and in addition to their Miami offices the company maintains a presence in South America, Central America and Europe.


Brightstar Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 1997

Focus: Mobile

What they do: Brightstar is a global leader in wireless technology distribution, and their team works to develop new and improved options for wireless communication and mobile technology. They seek to provide assistance for the full lifecycle of their devices, supporting customers in 57 countries up until their devices are ready to be traded in.


Open English Tech Companies In Miami
Open English

Founded: 2007

Focus: E-Learning

What they do: Open English is an e-learning platform specifically designed to help Spanish-speaking learners build fluency and confidence in speaking English. Open English connects students with teachers remotely to guide them through their language studies, and their platform offers the ability to develop skills through online lessons, practice exercises, and voice recognition tools.


ClearSale Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2001

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: ClearSale helps companies become safer and maintain stronger security foundations by providing high-tech fraud detection technologies designed to predict and curb threats. Clear Sale supports clients in the e-commerce sector by helping protect them from false payment declines and chargebacks, as well as helping them increase their ROI.


goTRG Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2008

Focus: Logistics

What they do: GoTRG provides returns management services to e-commerce retailers and product manufacturers, helping them more effectively manage returns and reimbursements in order to increase their customer satisfaction rates. In addition to their returns services, goTRG provides support for B2B sales and supply chain managers with the help of robotics and machine learning technology.


Alienware Corporation Tech Companies In Miami
Alienware Corporation

Founded: 1996

Focus: Hardware

What they do: Since the mid 1990s, Alienware Corporation's team has designed, manufactured, and distributed a broad suite of tech products including desktop computers, laptops, gaming setups, software programs and more. Alienware Corporation is a part of the greater Dell Technologies umbrella, and maintains a partnership with Intel in order to engineer their products in tandem with Intel's core processor technologies.


Convergia Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 1998

Focus: Mobile 

What they do: Convergia delivers Wi-Fi, cellular, data, and voice services to both residential clients and business organizations across the United States and beyond. Their team helps connect clients to their international fiber optic networks to help improve their communication abilities, offering products and services such as digital phone lines, long distance connection, high speed IPs, audio conferencing and more.


MST Agency Tech Companies In Miami
MST Agency

Founded: 2004

Focus: Web Design

What they do: MST Agency is a leading web development and digital strategy company that partners with organizations across the country to help curate and elevate their digital-facing operations. They've been able to collaborate with past clients on over 300 projects, ranging from app development and UX design to analytics implementation and SEO.


CareCloud Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2009

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: CareCloud helps medical organizations improve their patient outcomes and satisfaction by providing them with a suite of technologies designed to optimize their services and operations. Their cloud-computing services help healthcare clients manage their revenue cycles and practices, as well as simplifying health record management digitally, and increase their overall success, both financially and with their patients. 


REEF Technology Tech Companies In Miami
REEF Technology

Founded: 2013

Focus: Navigation

What they do: REEF Technology works to improve city and event space infrastructure with technology, utilizing data science and mapping tech to make parking spaces smarter and more navigable. Their past clients have included everyone from restaurants to hospitals, and with the help of cutting-edge technology they help their customers both streamline traffic through their spaces and improve satisfaction rates for the people they serve.


JPay Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2002

Focus: IT

What they do: JPay offers a web-based service for incarcerated people to connect with their families or loved ones, transfer money, access educational materials and perform other activities to stay in touch with the outside world. JPay's services are currently available to incarcerated individuals in over 34 states, and their suite of services includes video visitation capabilities, eCards, email options and more.


Inswitch Tech Companies In Miami

Founded: 2002

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Inswitch is a payment processing organization that helps companies across the globe maximize their profits and the efficiency of their financial transaction operations. Inswitch's engineering team provides their clients with round-the-clock oversight and assistance, helping ensure that their payment processing operations go smoothly regardless of the time of day. 

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