15 San Antonio Startups Turning the ‘Alamo City’ Into a Tech Hotspot

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Dec. 21, 2020
15 San Antonio Startups Turning the ‘Alamo City’ Into a Tech Hotspot
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Alongside fellow Texan tech powerhouses like AustinHouston, and Dallas, San Antonio is growing its own diverse tech landscape. Over the years, the “Alamo City” has become a veritable tech hub, boasting its own tech ecosystem filled with companies from a wide range of industries. According to the San Antonio Express-News, CBRE named the city one of the top 50 tech markets in the nation, putting it ahead of other up-and-coming tech capitals including Miami

In light of this, it’s no surprise San Antonio has cultivated its own community of startups. According to Startups San Antonio, the city’s fledgling tech companies are focused on a variety of sectors such as cybersecurity, biotech and healthtech. Whether they’re helping people manage their finances or developing ways to support solar energy, San Antonio’s startups are making a major impact on the city’s growing tech scene. 

We’ve rounded up 15 San Antonio startups to give you a closer look at the city’s tech industry. 

San Antonio Startups You Should Know

  1. FloatMe
  2. Plus One Robotics
  3. Enflux
  4. Sendspark
  5. CyberFortress
  6. Brokerage Engine
  7. Reckon Point
  8. Dearduck
FloatMe San Antonio startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: Financial Management

What they do: FloatMe is on a mission to “help people make better financial decisions.” The company’s app helps employees monitor overdraft risks, access emergency cash and build up savings. FloatMe is available on both iOS and Android devices.


CyberFortress San Antonio startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: E-Commerce Risk Assessment

What they do: CyberFortress is an insurtech startup that aims to change the way online business risk is assessed and priced. The company monitors e-commerce websites to detect unexpected outages or downtime, paying out claims within 24 hours. CyberFortress’ technology is designed to assess a site’s outage risk to ensure their coverage is priced to fit.


Plus One Robotics San Antonio startups
Plus One Robotics

Founded: 2016

Focus: Industrial Robotics

What they do: Plus One Robotics’ “always-on” logistics solution is intended to mitigate the persistent shortage of manual labor. The company’s robotics perception software is designed to tackle the challenges of material handling for e-commerce by verifying placement and addressing errors during the packing process. Plus One Robotics’ take on supervised autonomy is intended to ensure systems are scalable, flexible and fault tolerant. 


Enflux San Antonio startups

Founded: 2017

Focus: Academic Decision Support

What they do: Enflux’s platform grants schools an accessible view of overall program performance. The platform integrates and analyzes data from admissions, surveys, licensing exams, testing software and curriculum maps. Enflux’s technology is designed to deliver actionable insights to support curriculum delivery, strategic planning, accountable action and continuous quality improvement.


Cyber Warrior Network San Antonio startups
Cyber Warrior Network

Founded: 2015

Focus: Cyber Recruitment + Talent Management

What they do: Cyber Warrior Network offers a platform for cyber recruitment, talent management and cyber business solutions. The platform connects cleared cyber-skilled transitioning military, veterans and cyber companies to stakeholders, employers, academic institutions and government agencies. Cyber Warrior Network aims to fill the nation’s cybersecurity workforce vacancies and needs.


Sendspark San Antonio startups

Founded: 2019

Focus: Personalized Video Creation

What they do: Sendspark makes it easier for businesses to create and send personalized videos to customers. In addition to helping businesses create branded, personalized videos, the company enables organizations to engage with consumers through event-triggered emails, newsletters and direct messages. Sendspark ultimately aims to help businesses strengthen relationships with customers at every stage of the funnel. 


Allosense San Antonio startups

Founded: 2019

Focus: Industrial IoT

What they do: Allosense is currently developing industrial IoT devices and a satellite-based infrastructure to support them. The company offers “always connected” asset trackers, which incorporate a suite of sensors for monitoring high-value assets in real-time. Allosense’s trackers use cellular, satellite and mesh technologies to reduce logistic inefficiencies.

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Renu Robotics San Antonio startups
Renu Robotics

Founded: 2018

Focus: Solar Energy Solutions

What they do: Renu Robotics automates operations and maintenance for the solar energy sector. The company develops a variety of products designed to mow, spray, clean and inspect solar panels. Renu Robotics aims to help control costs on utility-scale solar farms. 


Brokerage Engine San Antonio startups
Brokerage Engine

Founded: 2018

Focus: Real Estate Back Office Management

What they do: Brokerage Engine offers a back office management solution for real estate brokers and agents. The company’s platform encompasses all aspects of accounting, agent management, compliance and marketing management, boasting features such as multi-MLS support, customizable marketing catalogues and DashAPI integrations. Brokerage Engine integrates with a variety of platforms such as Zillow, Slack and Intuit Quickbooks.


Kinetech Cloud San Antonio startups
Kinetech Cloud

Founded: 2014

Focus: Custom Enterprise Software

What they do: Kinetech Cloud provides custom enterprise software through the cloud. Their services include systems integration, mobile app development, digital execution, database development, dashboards and insights, and cloud hosting. Kinetech Cloud serves clients from a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, financial services and insurance. 


Dearduck San Antonio startups

Founded: 2018

Focus: Hyper-Targeted Marketing

What they do: Dearduck’s curation engine allows brands to deliver unique customer experiences. The company’s technology enables brands to match customers with products, giving them the chance to rank products by relevancy and add context about how a piece fits into that customer’s lifestyle. Through Dearduck’s technology, brands can also access automated campaigns, custom subdomains, inventory adjustments and smart referral links.


Reckon Point San Antonio startups
Reckon Point

Founded: 2014

Focus: Indoor Positioning

What they do: Reckon Point offers an end-to-end platform designed to save time navigating complex spaces and maximizes efficiency through asset tracking. Their indoor positioning technology can be used for survey scanning, maps and wayfinding, tracking and positioning, and 360-degree virtual-navigation tours. Reckon Point’s data collection services can collect signals from the Earth’s electromagnetic field in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth and LiDAR for pinpoint precision.  


GaitIQ San Antonio startups

Founded: 2017

Focus: Early Alzheimer’s Detection

What they do: GaitIQ is a healthtech startup that aims to spot early signs of Alzheimer’s through technology. Leveraging machine vision, AI and big data analytics, the company’s app detects subtle changes in an individual’s gait, which is often an early warning sign of cognitive decline. By detecting Alzheimer’s early, GaitIQ grants greater opportunities for medical interventions and lifestyle changes that could either slow or reverse the progress of the disease. 


Easy Expunctions San Antonio startups
Easy Expunctions

Founded: 2015

Focus: Legal Expunction Services

What they do: Easy Expunctions’ software helps people identify and clear their criminal records for minor offenses. Through the company’s platform, users can check their eligibility, purchase a package, and receive and file documents in order to ultimately clear their records. Easy Expunctions ultimately aims to make it easier for people with minor criminal offenses to access employment opportunities. 


Open Security San Antonio startups
Open Security

Founded: 2014

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: Open Security provides a broad range of military-grade, cybersecurity solutions. Their specialties include security dashboards, document vaults, security roadmapping, remediation validation and incident handling. Open Security serves both small businesses and large enterprises. 

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