9 Philadelphia Healthcare Companies Providing Support in Sickness and in Health

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
9 Philadelphia Healthcare Companies Providing Support in Sickness and in Health

It’s hard to say whether there has ever been a time where healthcare expertise has been more needed, but given the COVID-19 pandemic, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that healthcare companies aren’t short on work. But pandemics aside, healthcare tech professionals serve a monumental role in our daily lives not just when we’re sick, but when we’re well too. From cancer treatment to mindfulness advice, healthcare companies tackle every issue facing the medical world with the help of emerging healthcare technologies. Healthcare software can be used to do everything from guiding patients in physical therapy exercises to more easily processing payments. 

In Philadelphia, the healthcare sector is never far from mind. Making up over 20 percent of the city's employment, healthcare is one of Philly's biggest industries, and “The City of Brotherly Love” has consistently been at the forefront of discoveries in health and medicine. Independence Blue Cross CEO Dan Hilferty has said that Philadelphia is on track to become the “Silicon Valley of healthcare innovation,” and when you take a look at these eight innovative healthcare companies in Philadelphia, it feels like a very achievable goal. Take a dive into how these companies are changing the face of healthcare.

Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia To Know

  • Proscia
  • Razorfish Health
  • InstaMed
  • Neuroflow
  • HealthVerity
  • Digitas Health
  • Publicis Health Media
  • Accolade
Accolade Healthtech Companies Philadelphia

Founded: 2007 

Location: 1201 3rd Ave. #1700 

What they do: To remove roadblocks from the healthcare experience, Accolade has developed a suite of technological services. Patients can virtually access a network of physicians, mental health specialists, expert providers, and other healthcare professionals. Accolade also offers a 24/7 care team, so patients can have their questions addressed while receiving comprehensive service. 


NeuroFlow Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2017

Location: 111 S Independence Mall E

What they do: NeuroFlow helps healthcare providers guide their patients toward health and recovery by providing them a cloud-based platform with which they can track patient progress and utilize behavioral health treatments to encourage their growth. The company offers a variety of technical solutions for clinics, hospitals, government agencies and insurers, with the capability to address psycho education, behavioral therapy, CBT and more while maintaining HIPAA compliance. NeuroFlow's technology has been recognized for awards by MedCity Invest, HIMSS, Medtech Boston and others.


HealthVerity Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2014

Location: 1818 Market St, Suite 700

What they do: HealthVerity works with hospitals, prescribers and providers to leverage software technology with the aim of turning patient data into successful results. With a focus on privacy and regulations compliance, HealthVerity guides providers in developing stronger insights into patient treatment across all channels and sources. From centralizing permissions data through blockchain technology, to drawing connections between online and offline patient activity, HealthVerity helps organizations harness their raw data to become more effective providers.


Proscia Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2014

Location: 1635 Market St.

What they do: Proscia offers specialized software tools to pathologists and cancer researchers to help organize data and simplify their pathways to discovering treatments. Their scalable digital pathology platform combines data and AI technologies with pathology practices to encourage collaboration across labs, with capabilities including image scanning, rapid analysis and whole slide viewing. Proscia's technology is open platform and can be deployed flexibly depending on each lab's needs, making it easier for organizations to both collect and store their data.

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Razorfish Health Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia
Razorfish Health

Founded: 2010

Location: 100 Penn Square East

What they do: Razorfish Health bills itself as a health marketing agency that helps healthcare organizations develop stronger branding profiles both on and off the web. Their team is made up of both digital advertising specialists and clinical experts, giving them unique insight into the healthcare industry and giving them a leg up on other agencies. Razorfish Health has teamed up with some of the biggest names in healthcare, such as Genentech and Pfizer, to offer medical communications, experiential development, digital design and an array of other services. Razorfish Health has multiple locations serving various markets in the United States, with additional offices in Chicago and New York. 


InstaMed Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2004

Location: 1880 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

What they do: InstaMed's focus is on the healthcare payments process, and their team develops a variety of payment processing technology that help healthcare organizations increase their profit margins and the satisfaction of their patients. Operating under the J.P. Morgan umbrella, InstaMed offers a patented software that utilizes cloud computing to make secure and efficient healthcare payments across entire organizational channels. Their technologies are able to be integrated into pre-existing structures with ease, making it simple for companies to shift to a more organized payment structure.


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Digitas Health Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia
Digitas Health

Founded: 1990

Location: 100 Penn Square East

What they do: Digitas Health is a healthcare marketing agency with a global footprint, serving an international market from offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco and London. Their many offerings are geared toward supporting the outreach and branding efforts of healthcare organizations of all kinds, with services including product design, tech strategizing, health innovation, agile content and much more. Digitas Health's unique workplace environment, which emphasizes professional development and commitment to workplace diversity, has earned it a place amongst the top ten companies on Ad Age's Best Places To Work list.


Publicis Health Media Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia
Publicis Health Media

Founded: 2012

Location: 100 Penn Square East, 11th Floor

What they do: Publicis Health Media specializes in media buying and advertising for healthcare organizations. The company helps wellness programs and providers connect with the wider public in order to encourage more people to pursue their health goals. With a full spectrum service suite, Publicis Health Media supports efforts such as professional media strategy, platform integration, data programming, paid search marketing and more. 

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Oncora Medical Healthcare Companies In Philadelphia
Oncora Medical

Founded: 2014

Location: 2104 Market St.

What they do: Oncora Medical has its eyes set on the field of oncology, and their skilled team of data scientists and software engineers work together to develop technology solutions that make new discoveries in oncology possible. Their technology platform combines machine learning tech and big data to help research teams more easily gather and sort essential data in order to craft a data-based strategy for progress. By automating routine tasks such as documentation and data capture, Oncora Medical helps providers remove their focus from repetitive tasks so they can focus on the bigger picture of their patients' health.


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