6 Multinational Companies in Warsaw to Know

From software to telecommunications companies Warsaw is a base for global businesses.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 Multinational Companies in Warsaw to Know
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Sara B.T. Thiel | Apr 30, 2024

Software development has been a popular field of study at universities in Poland for several decades so the country is brimming with tech talent. As a result of the abundance of IT specialists, global businesses have strategically shifted their global operations to Poland, and many are seeing a great return on their investment. From software development companies to global banks, these are some of the top multinational companies in Warsaw.   

Top Multinational Companies in Warsaw to Know

  • Chainlink Labs
  • Samsara
  • Microsoft
  • Santander
  • Canon
  • Orange


Top Multinational Companies in Warsaw

Chainlink Labs is a global company supporting the development of decentralized applications. Businesses ranging from startups to major enterprises use its Web3 services platform to facilitate connections to blockchains. Chainlink Labs’ technology is meant to drive innovation in sectors like banking and gaming. 


Samsara is improving the transportation and warehousing industry with IoT and data platforms. Its Connected Operations Cloud collects data from sensors, hardware and physical assets, helping customers create strategic workflows through increased visibility of their devices. Samsara is one of the many U.S. companies in Warsaw and is expanding its presence there.  


Microsoft is one of the largest and most diverse tech companies in the world and it maintains a presence in Warsaw. Microsoft’s tech products range from productivity software like Excel and Word to cloud services and AI platforms — even gaming consoles. The tech giant has recently been making waves in the industry for its investments in AI technology. 

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Santander is a global bank popular throughout Europe for its consumer banking products and services. The bank’s products include checking accounts, credit cards, mutual funds and insurance; all of which are accessed through its web and mobile platforms. Santander is one of the largest banks in Poland.  


Canon is a well-known camera manufacturer and photography company. It develops digital cameras ranging from entry-level to high-end cinema-grade cameras. Canon’s other products include printers, camera lenses and software, that can be used to edit photos. Canon is headquartered in Japan but operates offices in Warsaw and Krakow.  

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Orange is a multinational telecommunications and digital services provider. It operates in 16 countries, including Poland, and provides mobile, internet and television services to consumers and businesses. It also provides cybersecurity services as part of its Cyberdefence arm.

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