Abel Rodriguez
Staff Reporter at Built In
Expertise: Tech reporting
Education: Dominican University

Abel Rodriguez is a Built In staff reporter. Prior to joining Built In, he was a community reporter for Cicero Independiente. His work has also appeared in various Chicago nonprofit newsrooms including Injustice Watch and Borderless as well as in national publications such as Forbes, CNN and The Latin Times

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Photo of Krakow skyline.
Krakow is a hub for global IT companies due to its talented workforce.
Photo of Warsaw skyline.
These companies are contributing to Poland’s growing global tech hub status.
Rajwada Palace in Indore.
These finance companies range from multinational banks to fintech platforms that are modernizing the industry.
E-sports team compete in a tournament.
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Akshardham Temple in Ahmedabad.
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These companies provide a mix of marketing services and innovative tech products.
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India’s semiconductor companies specialize in chip design, fabrication and developing materials for chip manufacturers.
Jet engine in development.
These aerospace companies develop new tech for civil and defense aviation.
Landscape photo of Aurangabad.
From vehicle manufacturing to IT providers, Aurangabad is home to a wide range of companies.
IT employees work on computers.
These IT companies help businesses secure their data through custom services and software.
Edmonton skyline at sunset.
Edmonton tech companies are reeling in investment dollars and developing emerging tech like blockchain and AI.
Software developers write code.
These businesses develop bespoke software solutions for clients in industries like e-commerce and edtech.