15 IT Companies in Philadelphia Confronting the Challenges of the Digital Age

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jul. 23, 2020
15 IT Companies in Philadelphia Confronting the Challenges of the Digital Age
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It’s no secret Philadelphia is diving headfirst into the nation’s tech scene. In recent years, this historic city has caught the attention of some of the industry’s most eager entrepreneurs, many of whom are attracted to its healthy economy and conveniently central location. As the industry’s top players continue to cast their eyes on Philly, the city’s local tech scene keeps growing. Since 2013, Philly’s tech industry has generated over 8,000 new jobs, according to a 2019 report. From software to biotech, the city’s tech competitors are leading the way in a wide range of sectors, proving that Philadelphia is one tech capital to be contended with. 

While Philly’s tech ecosystem is made up of a diverse set of sectors, there is one that seems to rise above the rest. In light of the city’s strong software ties, it’s no surprise that its information technology (IT) community is one of the fastest-growing. Across Philly, IT companies are gearing up to help businesses meet the demands of the digital age. Luckily for organizations in need of tech support, the city is home to countless IT experts skilled in a wide range of areas, from data backup to prototyping. These 15 IT companies in Philadelphia are just a few of the local organizations helping businesses tackle mounting technological needs. 

IT Companies in Philadelphia to Know

  1. PromptWorks
  2. Azavea
  3. Arcweb Technologies
  4. Linode
  5. Zivtech
  6. Falcn Lab
  7. Ombu Labs
  8. Xtreem Solution
Azavea IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2001

What they do: Azavea offers geospatial technological solutions for organizations dedicated to civic and social impact. The company provides a variety of products and services such as geospatial web applications, UX design, data analytics, research tools, machine learning and computer vision, and big data processing. Some of Azavea’s products include GeoTrellis, an open source software toolkit for geospatial data processing, and OpenTreeMap, a collection of urban ecosystem tools designed for urban forestry analysis. 

Who they work with: Philadelphia City Archives, Stanford University, Asian Development Bank and the Natural Lands Trust. 

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Zivtech IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2008

What they do: Launched by Jody Hamilton and Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Zivtech is a web design and development agency that focuses on open source software. The agency offers a wide range of services such as design concepting and prototyping, usability testing, mobile app development, information architecture, project management and technical documentation. Zivtech specializes in a variety of technologies including Angular.js, Drupal, HTML5, Jira, Puppet and React.js.

Who they work with: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mitel, Radial and The Aaron Copland Fund for Music. 


PromptWorks IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2013

What they do: PromptWorks is a software development company that focuses heavily on Agile processes. The company’s custom software development expertise includes web and mobile application development, cloud-computing IaaS portals, TRM platforms and IoT. Serving both enterprises and startups, the company specializes in a variety of frameworks such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, React.js and Django.

Who they work with: Twitter, Comcast, Thrive, Neat, Roost and Sungard.


Arcweb Technologies IT companies in Philadelphia
Arcweb Technologies

Founded: 2011

What they do: Arcweb Technologies is a digital design and development firm that specializes in developing software solutions for the financial services, healthcare and B2B software industries. The company’s focus areas include product management, web and mobile applications, UX design, software architecture and engineering, prototyping, and project management. Arcweb Technologies’ aim is to deliver thoughtful solutions to business, technical and social challenges.

Who they work with: Penn Medicine, DocuSign, QTrak, PeopleLinx and HouzeMe. 


Dignitas Digital IT companies in Philadelphia
Dignitas Digital 

Founded: 2012

What they do: Dignitas Digital is a full-service digital agency that offers a variety of custom software solutions. The company’s services include digital transformation, web and e-commerce development, business software upgrades, Android and iOS app development, AWS migration and website redesign. Dignitas Digital aims to help small and medium-sized businesses grow digitally and achieve greater success and ROI.

Who they work with: Healthcare companies, marketing agencies, retailers, educational institutions and more.


Linode IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2003

What they do: Linode aims to make cloud computing simple, affordable and accessible. The company offers a variety of solutions such as web and mobile app development, big data analysis, container orchestration, e-commerce development, data backup, machine learning and memory intensive workloads. Boasting 11 data centers around the globe, Linode provides a wide range of products including Kubernetes, NodeBalancers and StackScripts.

Who they work with: Cloudways, Alpine Linux, Changelog, Cloudnet and Metorik. 


Stuzo IT companies in Philadelphia

 Founded: 2007

What they do: Stuzo is a software development company that provides solutions tailored to the retail space. The company’s managed software services are intended to help organizations with the development and maintenance of loyalty, mobile commerce, customer activation and digital storefront programs, covering areas like ethnographic research, technical discovery and product optimization. Stuzo’s mission is to help its clients activate more customers and data in real-time.

Who they work with: WeWork, Dave and Buster’s, Marie Claire, BP and Kleer. 


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Xtreem Solution IT companies in Philadelphia
Xtreem Solution

Founded: 2008

What they do: Xtreem Solution is a software development company that serves organizations from a wide range of industries. Their services and solutions include mobile app development, e-commerce web development, iPhone to Android conversion, online medical portal creation and online dating portal development. Xtreem Solutions’ team is backed by expertise in a wide range of technologies such as Magento, Node.js, Shopify, Java and Xamarin. 

Who they work with: Quicklink, Hitch-Hyke, PackPlus, Clevera and Triptunity. 


The Tactile Group IT companies in Philadelphia
The Tactile Group

Founded: 2004

What they do: The Tactile Group is a digital solutions agency dedicated to solving complex problems for a wide range of organizations. The agency’s expertise encompasses prototyping, responsive design, digital assessment, technical strategy, frontend and backend development, native mobile app development and AWS configuration. The Tactile Group works mostly with local, state and federal governments in addition to enterprises and nonprofits.

Who they work with: City of Philadelphia, AOS Architects, Philadelphia Water Department and the University of Pennsylvania. 


Ombu Labs IT companies in Philadelphia
Ombu Labs

Founded: 2011

What they do: Ombu Labs is a boutique software development company that specializes in writing lean software. The company focuses on creating e-commerce platforms, online maps and directories, advisory databases, dashboards and bots. Ombu Labs’ technological expertise includes Ruby, Bootstrap, Heroku and JavaScript.

Who they work with: Neomind Labs, Predictable Revenue, Checker Cruncher and Power Home Remodeling. 


Falcn Lab IT companies in Philadelphia
Falcn Lab

Founded: Unavailable

What they do: Falcn Lab delivers modern software solutions in an effort to help enterprises strengthen their technical infrastructure and expand their businesses. The company’s specialties include full-stack web development, game production, iOS and Android mobile app development, UI / UX design, and maintenance and support. Falcn Lab’s client base spans a broad range of industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail and law.

Who they work with: Nike, Doctor Anywhere, Davis & Gilbert LLP and E-Health Now.


AMMO IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2008

What they do: AMMO, also known as Amphetamobile, specializes in building apps for organizations involved with education and public policy. The company’s apps are designed to assist organizations with annual reports, events and meetings, document management, and more. Past projects include a streamlined research workflows solution on behalf of Thomson Reuters, and a collaboration and engagement platform for The Abraaj Group.

Who they work with: World Bank Group, Thomson Reuters, Council of Science Editors and Silverchair Information Systems. 


Tamman IT companies in Philadelphia

Founded: 2007

What they do: Tamman is dedicated to delivering accessible digital solutions with a focus on human-centered inclusive design. The company specializes in software design and development, specialized staffing, and ADA compliance services. Tamman aims to help its clients deliver measurable results, advance their businesses and create lasting impact.

Who they work with: Telecommunications companies, banks and more. 


Jarvus Innovations IT companies in Philadelphia
Jarvus Innovations

Founded: 2010

What they do: Jarvus Innovations offers a wide range of software development solutions. The company’s expertise includes code auditing, UX design, web and mobile app development, accessibility consultancy, and game design and development. In the past, Jarvus Innovations has worked with various organizations to build an edtech platform, develop an esports organization and design a tech community center.

Who they work with: NetApp, Elsevier, The Philadelphia Orchestra and Slate. 

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Pumex Technologies IT companies in Philadelphia
Pumex Technologies

Founded: 1999

What they do: Pumex Technologies specializes in custom software programming, development and consulting. The company focuses on web and mobile app development, project architecture, SAP implementations, ecommerce development, platform migration, project management and enterprise resource process implementations. Pumex Technologies is dedicated to helping businesses increase productivity and focus on their central business goals.

Who they work with: Aramark, John Deere, Equity Loans, GlaxoSmithKline and Boise State University.

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