15 IT Companies Making Houston Tick

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 16, 2020
15 IT Companies Making Houston Tick
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Houston is often overlooked in the running for tech leader status, but when NASA Mission Control proudly calls you home, the rest of the world starts to listen a little more closely. Houston’s information technology sector, when not shooting for the stars, pilots a significant network of energy, communications, and research innovation that extends across the globe. Even the oil and gas market, on which Texas made its name, relies so heavily on IT solutions that it could be considered an extension of the tech industry. Wherever there’s a company that relies on data, there’s an opportunity for IT engineers to join the ranks and turn that data into measurable results. IT ingenuity can be found in nearly every Texan company, but to keep things brief, here’s a list of 15 of the most significant IT companies making Houston tick.

IT Companies in Houston to Know

  • McDermott International
  • Baker Hughes
  • Total Safety
  • BMC Software
  • Symplr
  • Advent Global Solutions
  • Avangard Innovative
  • ePROMIS Solutions
McDermott International IT Companies In Houston
McDermott International

Focus: Energy, Power

Their story: McDermott International partners specifically with companies in the energy, oil and gas industries to deliver engineering and technology services designed to optimize business expansion and growth. Their team of skilled engineers and IT professionals handle projects across a spectrum of energy industry needs, from construction planning to supply chain management. McDermott offers a variety of tech-powered operational solutions, and an arm of the company works to provide effective consulting services to enterprises looking for strategic assistance.


Baker Hughes IT Companies In Houston
Baker Hughes

Focus: Cleantech, Energy

Their story: Baker Hughes specializes in energy technology, working with industrial power companies across the globe to discover new ways that information technology, automation, software and data can streamline power and energy. Their technology suite offers companies the ability to monitor methane emissions, capture carbon, explore alternative means of energy provision and manage other operations remotely. This range of services and capabilities helps Baker Hughes clients feel incentivized to pursue cleaner energy solutions and keep better track of their carbon footprints.

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Total Safety IT Companies In Houston
Total Safety

Focus: Security, HR Tech

Their story: Total Safety delivers tech-powered solutions for asset security, worker protections and regulations compliance, helping companies leverage technology to maintain the safety of their employees. Total Safety's goal is to help keep people safe, and they seek to do so with a suite of emergency response technologies ranging from app-based COVID-19 contact tracing to franchise access security.


BMC Software IT Companies In Houston
BMC Software

Focus: Enterprise Technology

Their story: BMC Software's team aims to help businesses reach their full potential, and they do so by providing enterprises of all sizes with scalable IT services to optimize growth and streamline operations. The company provides their clients with cloud integration assistance, helping them apply automation technology to their cloud stored data to make it easier for businesses to recall and utilize data for specific cases in their regular operations.


Symplr IT Companies In Houston

Focus: Healthcare Technology

Their story: Healthcare organizations have a lot to manage in terms of risk assessment and legal regulations compliance, so Symblr established itself to provide technology services to make those tasks easier. Their patented hospital management software offers medical providers centralized tracking tools to keep tabs on reporting, peer reviews, contracting, and current compliance status. Symplr is one of the largest governance and risk management companies in the world, with a team spread across the U.S.


Advent Global IT Companies In Houston
Advent Global Solutions

Focus: Enterprise Technology

Their story: Advent Global Solutions' team specifically dives into how information technology can boost enterprise expansion and revenue growth. As a combination consulting firm and software provider, Advent Global Solutions delivers a range of IT services to top companies like Oracle and IBM, and the company brings in over $60 million in revenue each year. The company's product portfolio enables companies to build mobile apps, run services across a range of devices, configure sales force automation, and streamline their workflows.


Avangard Innovative IT Companies In Houston
Avangard Innovative

Focus: Cleantech

Their story: More and more companies are moving to greener modes of operating, and Avangard Innovative is pioneering new developments in the cleantech sector by utilizing technology to incentivize transitioning to green energy. Their technology suite provides companies insight into how their recycling and waste programs can be optimized, helping brands unlock savings and profits hidden in their means of energy consumption.


ePROMIS Solutions IT Companies In Houston
ePROMIS Solutions

Focus: Enterprise Technology

Their story: Working with companies of all sizes, ePROMISE Solutions delivers resource planning and business management technologies to empower faster growth and more effective enterprise strategies. Their technology portfolio covers a range of enterprise needs from human capital management to supply chain control, working with companies at every step of their journey to develop well-rounded approaches to growth. 


MobiSoft Infotech IT Companies In Houston
MobiSoft Infotech

Focus: Manufacturing, Logistics

Their story: Teaming up with both global enterprises and early-stage startups, Mobisoft Infotech's team develops mobile software products to enhance brand operations and help more customers receive their products as fast as possible. Mobisoft Infotech's service model covers cloud integration, DevOps, data analysis, UX/UI design and more, providing a full spectrum approach to enterprise development to set their clients up for long-term success.


CyrusOne IT Companies in Houston

Focus: Data, Storage

Their story: CyrusOne offers infrastructural solutions for storing and hosting data, boasting a network of data center facilities where they store key information for Fortune 500 companies and other enterprise leaders. Their IT team focuses on maintaining data security while also remaining flexible with data recall, making it possible for companies to access their data on demand while ensuring peace of mind about protection from outside risks.


Cimarron Software IT Companies In Houston
Cimarron Software

Focus: Aerospace

Their story: Cimarron Software's workforce has its eyes trained on space travel and aerospace technology, and as a team they work to engineer and launch software to enable control systems for NASA and other aerospace organizations. Since the company's founding in 1988, Cimarron Software has lent a hand in powering numerous space shuttle launches, and their control system technology has been implemented in the International Space Station. Cimarron's efforts in supporting space exploration have earned them a number of accolades, and the company has been awarded Woman Owned Business of the Year by NASA.


DataVox IT Companies In Houston

Focus: Enterprise Technology

Their story: DataVox seeks to provide a full spectrum suite of IT services to each of their clients, providing companies of all kinds the opportunity to have their network, security, cloud and audiovisual technologies all maintained from one central location. Their suite of services help enhance every facet of each client's operations, and DataVox has succeeded in building technology implementations for the creative, analytical, and financial sides of business operations.


MCA Communications IT Companies In Houston
MCA Communications

Focus: Telecommunications

Their story: MCA Communications aims to help industry leaders the world over leverage the power of telecommunications to both reach their partners and their customers more efficiently and meaningfully. Their competitively priced platform allows companies to implement audio visual and digital media solutions into their overall operational strategies, and their technology is built specifically to enable greater collaboration between teams across all available platforms and channels.


CompleteRx IT Companies In Houston

Focus: Healthtech

Their story: CompleteRx understands that when hundreds of patients walk through hospital doors every day, keeping a structured flow of care can be difficult. Their solution is to offer workflow management technology that encourages smoother operations and keeps better tabs on costs and savings, making it easier for providers to deliver high-quality care to their patients. 

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DYONYX IT Companies In Houston

Focus: IT Services, Enterprise Technology

Their story: DYOPATH's area of expertise is in virtual cloud technology, helping companies across the country leverage cloud technology to take stock of cybersecurity, revenue streams, and customer support. Teaming up with power companies, educational organizations, and insurance companies, DYOPATH's team has experience implementing IT solutions in a range of cases and industries, delivering a full spectrum service suite to help reach each client's desired outcomes.


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