10 Startup Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

Ahmedabad’s startups range from e-commerce platforms to aerospace developers and are disrupting the tech industry.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 11, 2024
10 Startup Companies in Ahmedabad to Know
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Startups are the backbone of the tech industry. At early stages, and with limited funding, startups are quick to innovate and set trends for entire industries. And although they face many trials and tribulations, startups, their founders and employees can succeed by securing funding or closing acquisition deals with larger corporations. 

While Ahmedabad already has many nationally known tech companies, its dedication to supporting several tech sectors has also propelled the launch of many nascent startups. These are the ones to know.

Top Startup Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

  • EduFund
  • Bummer
  • BluSmart Mobility 
  • Medkart Pharmacy
  • Shipturtle
  • Gamerji
  • Zybra
  • PierSight Space


Top Startup Companies in Ahmedabad

EduFund is a fintech startup that helps parents save and invest in their children’s education. Through the platform, parents can stock away money and invest it in mutual funds in the years leading up to their children’s graduation. The platform also provides educational resources and savings calculators. 


Bummer is an e-commerce startup selling matching underwear and loungewear. Through the site, people can shop for comfortable garments and have their products delivered quickly through the company’s speedy logistics services. 


BluSmart is a transportation company promoting the use of electric vehicles, or EVs, for ridesharing. The company operates an all-electric ride-hailing platform in several cities and leases EVs from private owners to use in their fleet. In exchange for renting out their EV, owners can earn income without driving.  

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MedKart operates an online pharmacy where customers can purchase generic medications at reduced prices. Users can upload their prescriptions to have them filled and shipped through the platform. Patients can also consult with doctors directly on the platform. Recently, Medkart has expanded beyond medicine to include healthcare devices like thermometers and blood pressure monitors. 


Shipturtle’s platform helps e-commerce businesses sell more products. The platform facilitates brand collaborations enabling independent merchants to sell a variety of products through their digital storefronts. Shipturtle also handles stock and shipping, meaning that e-commerce businesses do not expose themselves to additional inventory risks. 


Gamerji’s platform lets gamers create and host e-sports tournaments for various games. Through the Gamerji app, gamers can create a tournament and add players using their gamer tag. The company will then create a lobby for the match and moderate it to prevent cheating. 


With features like payment reminders, invoicing and estimates, Zybra’s platform simplifies accounting for small and medium-size businesses, or SMBs. The company was founded in 2015 and aims to simplify finances and taxes with its accounting platform and accompanying software like its receipt manager and invoice processor. 

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PierSight is an aerospace and research company. It uses synthetic aperture radar, or SAR, satellites to monitor the world’s oceans and uses its surveillance capabilities to facilitate maritime commerce and environmental protection. 


Petpooja develops point-of-sale, or POS, software for the restaurant industry. Its software, used in over 150 cities, provides management support, online ordering and payroll solutions meant to streamline all aspects of the service industry. 


On2Cook designs and manufactures a smart cooking device that pairs with its app. Its appliances combine induction heat and microwaves to cook food. According to the company, this new method reduces cooking time and energy consumption. 

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