By Mike Thomas  |  November 28, 2018

A subset of the far more sprawling Internet of Things, the Internet of Industrial Things (IIoT) is a network of connected devices that collect and transmit data. That data is then analyzed to extract insights that will optimize various manufacturing and commercial processes. Potential upsides include improved safety, cost savings and streamlined operations.

“The technology that powers an organization has become just as essential to success as the product or service a venture provides,” tech entrepreneur Leon Hounshell wrote in Forbes. “Every sector — from finance to agriculture to transportation to healthcare to government to media — is subject to this truth. Business technology must now interconnect people with the proliferating devices, data and systems that populate our digitalized world via the internet.

“The type of infrastructure that enables a business to address this evolution is dubbed the industrial internet of things,” Hounshell continued, “but it really isn’t a separate concern. It’s all part of the same movement pushing modern commerce into its future state.”

Here are 23 companies using the IIoT to do just that.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Financial, Industrial

Location: New York

How it’s using the IIoT: ThetaRay’s IIoT threat detection technology helps companies guard their production processes, safety and revenues by deploying rapidly to eliminate unplanned downtime while reducing operational costs.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Manufacturing, Service

Location: New York

How it’s using the IIoT: Augury uses AI and the IIoT to to make machines with mechanical nervous systems that are able to, in effect, maintain their own health. The company’s sensors give malfunction alerts and monitor even small changes, sending feedback via Augury’s online management platform to any internet-connected device.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing

Location: Waltham, Mass.

How it’s using the IIoT: Plataine employs proprietary optimization algorithms to provide intelligent automation services (tracking raw materials, production scheduling, etc.) that help companies make quality improvements, reduce waste and gain more insight into the manufacturing process. Its IIoT-enabled technology integrates with a company’s existing infrastructure.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Real Estate

Location: Boston

How it’s using the IIoT: Embue’s IIoT smart building technology lets building owners and managers know what’s happening with on-site equipment and the indoor environment. Residents get the benefit of IIoT-enabled devices that include the Embue thermostat, sensor, leak detector and shut-off valve controller, smart wall outlet, smart controller and smart core. The company also makes a temperature probe and an HVAC management module.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Energy, Manufacturing

Location: Denver

How it’s using the IIoT: Cartaside provides IIoT sensing technology for safer and more efficient fleet and produced water management, worker safety, asset tracking and more. Additionally, its digital mobile tools driveTIME and fieldTICKET eliminate the need for handwritten records, logs, work orders and other forms.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Automotive

Location: Austin, Texas

How it’s using the IIoT: Axzon’s integrated circuits are used in radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and passive wireless sensors. As part of its edge-to-edge processing, the raw data that’s collected is transformed into actionable insights using proprietary algorithms on the company’s versatile IIoT platform.


industrial internet of things
linx global manufacturing

Linx Global Manufacturing

Industry: Chemical, Automotive, Healthcare

Location: Chicago

How it’s using the IIoT: Linx is a design, engineering and manufacturing enterprise that makes automation machinery and IIoT equipment for a wide variety of industries. Billing itself as a “one-stop shop,” Linx handles projects from concept to completion.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Manufacturing, Entertainment, Aviation

Location: Los Angeles

How it’s using the IIoT: Noribachi makes smart LED lighting for high-output commercial and industrial applications as well as modular light engines that can integrate LED systems anywhere via retrofit or new installation. 


industrial internet of things


Industry: Industrial Equipment, Cleantech, Civil Engineering

Location: Los Angeles

How it's using the IIoT: Valarm’s services include remote monitoring, telemetry, sensors and IIoT devices. Its open platform,, can accommodate an array of different sensors. The company’s devices have been used in many scenarios, including for water level and flood monitoring warning systems in the Chesapeake Bay area and water well management.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government

Location: Los Angeles

How it’s using the IIoT: SmartCSM provides digital “as build” maps as well as databases that track building activity, plans, as-builts, assets, documentations, electrical assets, maintenance and other aspects of the construction process — all of it accessible from anywhere via Android or iOS device.


industrial internet of things
tenna llc

Tenna LLC

Industry: Construction, Landscaping, Energy

Location: New York

How it’s using the IIoT: Tenna connects equipment to its cloud-based asset management system in part by using IIoT-connected GPS asset trackers. Telematics data collected includes location, speed, fault codes, engine hours, computer engine diagnostics and more — all of it read through a vehicle’s onboard monitor and accessed/transmitted through the IIoT via GPS and cell trackers.


industrial internet of things
fluidmesh networks

Fluidmesh Networks

Industry: Transportation, Industrial

Location: Brooklyn, New York

How it’s using the IIoT: Fluidmesh brings connectivity to challenging places, including high-speed moving vehicles and trains, large-scale industrial sites, distributed infrastructures and complex urban environments. The company’s wireless products facilitate IIoT applications that include smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains and industrial automation.


industrial internet of things
bayshore networks

Bayshore Networks

Industry: Public Utilities, Energy, Healthcare

Location: Bethesda, Md.

How it’s using the IIoT: Bayshore Networks provides cybersecurity services for the IIoT. Its automated Learning Engine culls and learns from operational technology network activity to prepare responses and policies. The company’s Industrial Cyber Protection solution facilitates the secure sharing of industrial data and prevents cyber threats.

industrial internet of things
foghorn systems

Foghorn Systems

Industry: Manufacturing, Energy

Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

How it's using the IIoT: FogHorn Systems makes software for industrial and commercial IoT applications. The company’s platform provides advanced analytics and machine learning to industrial clients in manufacturing, oil and gas, power and water, renewable energy, mining, transportation and more.


industrial internet of things
johnson controls

Johnson Controls

Industry: Government, Healthcare, Transportation

Location: Milwaukee, Wis.

How it's using the IIoT: Johnson Controls provides IIoT services for the building, automotive and power sectors. It’s Smart Connected Chillers — used to cool large buildings — transmit data that’s then analyzed by human experts so buildings run efficiently and maintain comfortable temperatures. Technicians can also keep tabs on the condition of these chillers and get alerts about active or potential issues. Johnson’s smart thermostats monitor air quality and transmit data that lets customers better understand their energy usage — and save money as a result.


industrial internet of things
kmc controls

KMC Controls

Industry: Industrial, Healthcare, Retail

Location: New Paris, Ind.

How it's using the IIoT: KMC Controls connects its customers to commercial-grade building systems, meters, sensors and infrastructure via the IIoT.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Industrial, Energy

Location: Palo Alto, Calif.

How it’s using the IIoT: Maana’s Computational Knowledge Graph more quickly extracts knowledge from data silos to optimize a company’s assets and processes by revealing previously unknown relationships. In addition, its platform lets users “create structural models from enterprise data and blend that with computational models that mathematically encode human expertise and are trained by subject-matter experts.”


industrial internet of things


Industry: AI, Cybersecurity, Big Data

Location: Austin, Texas

How it’s using the IIoT: SparkCognition builds and deploys a data-driven analytics platform for clouds, devices and the IIoT via proprietary AI algorithms. Its technology continuously learns from real-time infrastructure data to improve risk mitigation and disaster-prevention policies.

industrial internet of things


Industry: Industrial, Healthcare, Transportation

Location: Berkeley, Calif.

How it’s using the IIoT: BioInspira is a materials science company that employs biology to develop sensors for the real-time detection and analysis of air chemicals in an array of industries. Its evolving sensor platform offers advanced detection of many airborne chemicals.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Industrial, Healthcare

Location: Mountain View, Calif.

How it’s using IIoT: NextInput makes panel force-sensing switches and buttons for IIoT connected devices that can be used on any substrate (glass, plastic, metal) and are responsive to a variety of touch-screen instruments and even gloved hands.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Somerville, Mass.

How it’s using IIoT: Tulip’s software platform lets sensors, cameras and other IoT hardware communicate in a plug-and-play environment so users can get a detailed overview of problem areas on the floor that need to be addressed. Additionally, manufacturers can use Tulip’s technology for interactive work instructions, automatic data collection, quality control, audits, machine monitoring and training.


industrial internet of things


Industry: Manufacturing, Energy

Location: Reno, Nev.

How it’s using IIoT: Filament’s Blocklet application software and Blocklet Chip hardware solutions let IIoT-connected machines and devices transparently process and record transactions on a blockchain. Applications include the encrypted signing of device data and the authorization and the real-time signing transactions between machines.

industrial internet of things


Industry: Financial, Healthcare, Energy

Location: Redwood City, Calif.

How it’s using IIoT: C3’s AI and IoT software platform can read data from an array of connected IIoT devices and make recommendations on supply chain management or maintenance issues. The company’s C3 Type System is designed to greatly improve the productivity of application developers and data scientists.


Images via social media, Shutterstock and screenshots of company websites.

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