By Alyssa Schroer  |  December 2, 2018

By the year 2021 cybercrime will cost the world upwards of $6 trillion annually. It's no surprise cybersecurity is exploding as its own industry, protecting the networks and systems that companies and organizations operate and store data on.

The path to information security requires smarter detection and many cybersecurity companies are using artificial intelligence to get there. A new generation of AI-powered solutions and products are keeping bad actors on their toes and giving IT teams around the country some much needed relief. 

Here are 14 companies merging artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to make the virtual world safer for everyone.


versive artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Seattle

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Versive helps businesses and organizations identify crucial threats, helping teams save time that might otherwise be spent investigating alerts that don’t require immediate attention.

The Versive Security Engine (VSE) uses artificial intelligence to sort out the critical risks from routine network activity, identifying chains of activities that result in attacks and helping security teams to get ahead of them.

Industry impact: VSE alerted a bank that odd volumes of data were being sent from an internal to another internal host. Because the hosts had never exchanged information before, VSE alerted the behavior. It was discovered that important data was being backed-up on an internet-accessible server and was therefore more vulnerable to attacks.




Location: Boulder, Colo.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: LogRhythm provides an end-to-end security solution for companies and organizations worldwide to detect and respond quickly to cybersecurity threats.

The company uses machine learning to profile and detect threats, compromised accounts, privilege abuse and other anomalies.

The platform reduces the times of detection and response for security teams, providing a user interface where teams can easily investigate and respond to threats.

Industry impact: According to a LogRhythm case study, a regional bank required a more mature security system to handle the virtual shift happening in the finance space. After implementing LogRhythm, the bank’s analysts were able to eliminate the time wasted consolidating different data logs and points, freeing the team up to identify suspicious activities well before they become a problem.


anomali artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Redwood City, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Anomali provides technology to help businesses and organizations identify suspicious activity before it’s in their network.

The company's suite of threat intelligence solutions not only allows security teams and analysts to identify threats and adversaries, but also collaborate with other organizations to share their findings to aid in the prevention of breaches and attacks.  

Industry impact: According to an Anomali’s case study, the company worked with BBCNBank to streamline investigation time and systems integration.

The bank’s security analysts were spending too much time investigating individual IPs for malicious threats, while threat intelligence systems were separate and not integrated into the bank’s SIEM.

The bank began utilizing Anomali’s ThreatStream solution and analyst reduced the time it takes to investigate threats from 30 minutes to a just a few.


crowdstrike artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Crowdstrike provides cloud-native endpoint protection software. Its platform, Falcon, offers prevention, visibility across endpoints, and proactive threat hunting to customers in industries like finance, healthcare and retail.

Working beyond simple detection, the Falcon platform automatically performs investigations on threats and takes the guesswork out of threat analysis.

Industry impact: The Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance company services customers in every county in Indiana, housing personal information for thousands of people. Crowdstrike helps the agency keep sensitive client data is secure when its team is in the field, ensure IT assets are using off-network WiFi, and protect data during high-attack times like weekends and holidays.


cybereason artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Boston

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Cybereason is a cybersecurity analytics platform that provides threat monitoring, hunting and analysis. The platform gives companies and organizations greater visibility within their security environment, as well as the ability to get ahead of threats.

Cybereason’s AI-powered hunting technology actually answers the question of whether an organization is under attack or not. Because threat hunting is often reserved for companies with large resources, Cybereason provides solutions to automate the job so security teams of all sizes and skill levels can detect problems in their network.

Industry impact: An aerospace manufacturer was manually checking data logs for problematic activity and needed an automated system that complied with strict security rules. The company deployed Cybereason, which automated hunting processes and endpoint detections, while cleaning up the infected servers.


darktrace artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: San Francisco

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: With more than 30 offices around the world, Darktrace has helped thousands of companies across industries detect and fight cyber threats in real time.

Darktrace’s AI platform analyzes network data to make calculations and identify patterns. Machine learning technology uses the data to help organizations detect deviations from typical behavior and identify threats.

Industry impact: DirecTV needed a system to provide both complete network visibility and proactive defenses against data breaches and customer information leaks. The company uses Darktrace's AI-powered technology to detect emerging issues.   


jask artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: San Francisco

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Jask offers an autonomous platform for modernizing security operation centers with the automation of tasks. This gives analysts more time to investigate high-priority alerts. The program provides analysts with full visibility, including contextual data, across the business, helping them identify threats easier.

Industry impact: According to a Jask case study, an investment firm with offices around the world needed an automated solution to enhance visibility and keep financial data secure. Jask’s platform gave the security team more time to hunt threats while providing the necessary context to make critical decisions.


fortinet artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Fortinet provides security solutions for every part of the IT infrastructure. From network and web application security to threat protection and secure unified access, Fortinet’s cybersecurity products are used by a majority of Fortune 500 companies.

The company’s AI-based product, FortiWeb is a web application firewall that uses two layers of statistical probabilities and machine learning to accurately detect threats.

Industry impact: Steelcase, a furniture manufacturer using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting, is utilizing Fortinet to ensure its security. As the company expands its IT infrastructure, they continue to deploy Fortinet solutions to protect it.


high tech bridge artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity
High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge

Location: San Francisco

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: High-Tech Bridge provides both web and mobile security testing services through its AI and machine learning platform.

The company's multiple AI-based products work alongside human intelligence to detect more vulnerabilities and risks within applications, open-source software and other programs without returning false positives.

Industry impact: High-Tech Bridge took popular cryptocurrency applications and tested them for security issues and weak designs. The analysis discovered that 93% of the applications had a minimum of three medium-risk issues and 90% had more than two high-risk vulnerabilities.


palo alto networks artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity
Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: When it comes to cybersecurity providers, Palo Alto Networks is a heavy-hitter, working with more than 50,000 customers across industries in more than 150 countries. Its products support a wide range of needs, from firewalls and cloud security to threat detection and endpoint protection.

Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity application: Palo Alto Network’s security operating platform automates threat identification across a company or organization’s network, cloud and endpoints.

Industry impact: The University of Arkansas required a new firewall when it saw an influx in student population and network traffic. After putting Palo Alto Networks into affect, the university has more control over campus traffic and was able to ensure open access for faculty and students without compromising the security of sensitive or important data.


perimeterx artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: San Mateo, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: PerimeterX offers a machine learning-powered bot detection solution for e-commerce, hospitality, media and enterprise SaaS customers.

The detection platform analyzes sensor data using machine learning and behavior analytics to create a risk score that identifies whether a user is a risk or not.

The product features a comprehensive integration set, ensuring simple deployment for a variety of infrastructures.

Industry impact: One of PerimeterX’s case studies highlights CouponFollow's need to curb scrapers from competitor sites stealing its coupon data. The website began using PerimeterX to identify and block the scrapers without compromising user experience. A few months after deployment, the bot defender was blocking over 98% of scraping attempts.


securonix artificial intelligence cybersecurity


Location: Addison, Texas

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Securonix provides a variety of security solutions, from cloud and cyber threats to fraud prevention and data exfiltration.

Utilizing big data and machine learning, the company’s technology tracks behaviors in users and accounts to understand what’s “normal.”

Securonix solutions then detect threats and fraud while filtering out non-threatening user changes and behavior.

Industry impact: A mid-sized bank with a robust client base needed help managing threats of data theft and fraud. The bank deployed Securonix over its current SIEM to add another layer of protection for detecting both internal and external attacks.


sentinalone artificial intelligence cybersecurity


Location: Mountain View, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: SentinelOne is a complete endpoint protection platform providing defense across multiple types of attack and throughout the entire threat lifecycle.

Between SentinelOne’s Static AI and Behavioral AI engines, threats are detected and contained autonomously.

Whether malware, phishing emails, trojans or exploits within documents and files, the platform can prevent, detect and even in last attempts, undo attacks.

Industry impact: According to a SentinelOne case study, a financial tech company’s workstations and servers outnumbered its security resources. Managing threats and attacks began taking too much time for the security team. SentinelOne was deployed and now defends more than 8,000 endpoints autonomously, freeing the team to direct their efforts on other areas.


shape security artificial intelligence cybersecurity
Shape Security

Shape Security

Location: Mountain View, Calif.

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: Shape Security provides software that fights imitation attacks like fake accounts, credential stuffing and credit application fraud for businesses in retail, finance, government, tech and travel.

Shape’s machine learning models have been given access to data resembling attackers, enabling the system to learn what human activity looks like against fraud.

Shape’s solutions, Enterprise Defense and Blackfish, use this AI to identify the differences between real and artificial users and then block, redirect or flag the fraudulent source.

Industry impact: After a Fortune 500 retailer lost tens of millions in account hijackings via its gift card program, the company deployed Shape’s products and eradicated these takeovers, saving millions of company and customer dollars.


spark cognition artificial intelligence applications cybersecurity


Location: Austin 

How it's using AI in cybersecurity: SparkCognition provides AI-powered operations, security and automation solutions to a range of industries, from cybersecurity and aviation to finance and manufacturing.

For organizations and businesses in need of cyber defense solutions, SparkCognition provides machine learning-powered products that detect and protect against malware, ransomware, trojans and other threats.

Industry impact: In May of 2017, the company’s product, DeepArmor, detected the large ransomware attack called “WannaCry” when many other systems around the world could not. The attack affected numerous organizations, including hospitals in 99 countries.


Images via Shutterstock, social media and screenshots of company web pages.

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