What is Business Operations? What is Operations Management?


Operations is a purposefully vague term because of everything that it truly encompasses. Operations management and business operations tends to work at the intersection of supply chains, marketing, sales, finance and HR to ensure that businesses are running as efficient as possible. Our guide will walk you through the operations side of the business, and will give you some handy resources pertaining to all-things operations.

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What the Tech Ecosystems of Tomorrow Might Look Like

An exodus from Silicon Valley and an even bigger ongoing commitment to remote work are just two of the trends we’re forecasting for 2021.
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Before You Develop a Business Strategy, Do This

With a little research, it’s possible for businesses to craft a more effective strategy by figuring out your unique value proposition.
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Is Your Business Future-Proofed?

Why Your Company Should Strive for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Lots of companies had to redo their plans this year, but the ongoing pandemic has made the importance of a bold plan clearer than ever.
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