5 Top Solar Companies in Sydney

These solar companies are leading the charge toward sustainability in Australia.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 26, 2024
5 Top Solar Companies in Sydney
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As the world shifts away from fossil fuels, renewable energy will become increasingly important. The shift will transition homes to solar and wind energy solutions, but it will also require workers in renewable energy fields to meet the increased demand. Below, we rounded up some of the top solar companies in Sydney to know about as the country moves towards net-zero emissions. 

Top Sydney Solar Companies

  • Longi
  • Beyond Solar
  • Okra Solar
  • UPowr
  • SolarEdge


Solar Companies in Sydney to Know

Longi is a global solar technology company that develops photovoltaic, or PV, power solutions for commercial and residential use. Its PV devices convert sunlight into electricity but can also store energy through power demand optimization. 

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Beyond Solar is a solar panel installation company based in Sydney, offering transparency into the often confusing world of solar energy. Clients can use its website to calculate the cost of going solar as well as receive estimates of how much they can expect to save on their electric bills. Beyond Solar also installs solar inverters to serve residential, commercial and governmental customers. 

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Australian startup Okra Solar is expanding solar energy to rural, off-grid communities through its Okra Pods. The pods gather solar energy from solar panels and enable nearby homes to share the collected energy. The company has also developed a cloud-based platform for remote maintenance of solar hardware and energy data insights.  

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UPowr develops software for retailers, financial institutions and manufacturers to sell solar solutions to customers. The software is connected to a network of solar installers and can identify sales leads to expand renewable energy to more households. 

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SolarEdge manufactures solar energy solutions that include residential PV panels, EV chargers, battery storage and home energy management systems. SolarEdge’s suite of products create a greentech ecosystem that simplifies the transition to renewable energy. 

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