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Both the Australian government and tech industry proponents are pushing the nation toward topping 1 million tech jobs. Sydney, the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales and one of the nation’s most populous cities, is playing a role in helping Australia approach that goal through it’s thriving, diverse tech culture. Here are some of the top tech companies in Sydney operating in sectors such as fintech, IT, software development, HR tech, big data and gaming.

Top Sydney Tech Companies

  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Aristocrat
  • Datadog
  • InterSystems
  • HiBob
  • Braze
  • GitLab
  • Rokt
  • Qualtrics
  • NinjaOne


Top 11 Tech Companies in Sydney

Industry: Fintech

Cash App is changing the way people move cash around. By facilitating money transfers between users within the Cash App platform and via linked bank accounts, users can send and receive money, with options that avoid service fees. The company also offers many banking services, like debit cards and direct deposits.

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Industry: Cloud, Information technology, productivity

Zoom offers a range of products that include a fully cloud-based video customer support contact center, virtual and hybrid event hosting, connected conference rooms to set up a space for constant videoconferencing capabilities and, of course, the classic 1:1 (or 1:many) Zoom video conference meeting. The company has pricing packages for individual users along with business customers of all sizes.

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Industry: Gaming

Aristocrat makes gaming and gambling tech for mobile phone and casino games, including the Pixel United and interactive Anaxi online gaming franchises, as well as premium slot machine games like Dollar Storm. It operates ten creative studios and employs over 6,500 team members.

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Industry: Cloud, software

Datadog’s software uses a client company’s digital footprint across servers, databases and other online interactions to monitor for potential cyber threats and optimize operations. It can monitor everything from infrastructure and network performance to cloud costs, and the platform works across a range of digital ecosystems like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud

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Industry: Big data

InterSystems makes database management software that serves industries with complex needs, including healthcare, financial services and clinical laboratory science. Its cloud-first platforms are designed for agility and use smart data fabric, which is an approach to data architecture that “weaves” various sources of data together into a single cohesive system.

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Industry: HR tech

HiBob makes cloud-based HR software that manages all core HR processes and functions, from performance analysis and compensation to payroll and time off. It supports 360-degree performance reviews, runs salary and bonus reviews, and initiates surveys to collect employee feedback on management and engagement.

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Industries: Software, marketing tech

Braze’s customer engagement platform helps better connect brands with their consumers. Using cross-channel communications, it works to increase engagement and transactions by initiating interactions with customers at specific, intentional moments. Strategies like dynamic segmentation, journey orchestration and a high level of personalization allow clients to customize everything their customers receive. 

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Industry: Software, information technology

GitLab is a software development platform that provides an open-source code repository and facilitates collaborative software building. It stores code online for users and tracks issues with code — all for free. GitLab generates revenue through membership and subscription plans that include advanced features and support services. 

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Industries: E-commerce, marketing tech

Rokt makes e-commerce software for major enterprise clients like Live Nation, PayPal and Uber. The company couples ads with transactions so that customers encounter them once they’ve already paid — a time when Rokt says they’re more likely to respond to an ad. Using tailored upsells, a payments marketplace and post-purchase offers, Rokt leverages existing customers to increase monetization during checkout. 

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Industry: Software, HR tech, information technology

Qualtrics creates software for engaging customers and employees, as well as strategizing and designing new products. Its Experience Management Platform is able to measure employee and customer experiences, using metrics that help assess the lived experience of what it is like to be on a team or to be a customer. Qualtrics’ surveys are disseminated to gather data that helps client companies consider how to adjust their operational protocols. 

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Industry: Information technology

NinjaOne offers a platform to manage IT operations like ticketing, help desk support and security. It handles monitoring, backup and patching, and the platform can be used for remote management. Everything in the NinjaOne software package can be accessed from a single dashboard with significant automation. 

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