7 Software Companies in Bristol to Know

These companies are bolstering Bristol’s tech hub status as they bring their solutions to this growing market for software development.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Mar. 26, 2024
7 Software Companies in Bristol to Know
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Bristol is a thriving hub for culture and economic progress in the U.K. The city’s tech sector is made up of a diverse mix of industries, including cybersecurity, fintech, healthtech and HR tech. We’ve gathered a list of some of the leading companies focused on bringing innovative technologies to the region’s burgeoning software market.

Top Software Companies in Bristol

  • Immersive Labs
  • Pax8
  • ClearBank
  • Bud Systems
  • XCD
  • Cogsy
  • OKKO Health


Software Companies in Bristol to Know

Immersive Labs is a cybersecurity company that provides training solutions designed to equip individuals, teams and whole organizations with the knowledge to prevent and respond to digital threats. Its cyber workforce resilience platform comes with features like crisis simulations and candidate screening for cybersecurity job candidates to ensure enterprises have comprehensive digital protection.


Pax8 operates a marketplace for cloud solutions that covers product categories like communications, security, productivity and infrastructure. Vendors that work with Pax8 gain them access to a substantial customer base in the form of thousands of small businesses seeking out tools to enhance their operations. 

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ClearBank is a fintech company that serves other fintechs and financial institutions. While it’s technically a fully licensed U.K. bank, the company doesn’t handle the full spectrum of traditional banking services. Instead, ClearBank focuses on payment clearing and other banking infrastructure solutions, which it facilitates through a cloud-based API


Bud Systems makes a management platform for apprenticeships and professional training programs. Handling all facets of training, from program design to enrollment, compliance and learning content delivery, Bud is a learning management system, or LMS, for the skilled adult worker. Client organizations can use a single dashboard to monitor team members’ progress as they proceed through their training. 


XCD makes HR software for handling the daily operations of talent management and employee engagement. The platform has features for payroll, recruitment management, performance tracking, training, reward management, timesheets and expense reporting. The company says the technology’s AI-powered automations and analytics help businesses reduce their time on administrative tasks.

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Cogsy makes software for direct-to-consumer, or DTC, brands, bringing them solutions for inventory management and demand planning. Its offerings integrate with other tech and marketplace platforms like Shopify and Amazon. By replacing old-school spreadsheets and gut feelings with data analytics, brands can pursue growth while reducing inventory inefficiencies.


OKKO Health develops technology for at-home vision health monitoring. Its solutions mix vision science with computer science so that users are able to measure vision acuity and other important metrics for eye care through an app. The company also works to gamify vision checks, embedding algorithms to assess eye function and recommend interventions as needed.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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