6 IT Companies in Bristol to Know

These IT companies are helping companies around the world secure their data.

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6 IT Companies in Bristol to Know
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Margo Steines | Mar 13, 2024

Bristol sits in a region colloquially known as Silicon Gorge. This area of the U.K. is a bustling tech hub that’s grown significantly since the 1970s. Today, Bristol is home to numerous information technology, or IT, companies helping businesses protect their data and create networks using the best practices and technologies available. These are the top IT companies in Bristol to know.

Top Bristol IT Companies

  • Croft
  • Zeetta Networks
  • soVision IT
  • Chorus
  • Edge Cyber Security


IT Companies in Bristol

Immersive Labs is an IT cybersecurity company that offers a platform for assessing and improving client organizations’ skills and readiness in avoiding and responding to digital threats. By providing cybersecurity threat assessment across roles and to the organization itself through protocols and policies, it creates a learning space where cyber resilience is gamified and quantified. The company is headquartered in Bristol.

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Croft is a bespoke IT solutions provider that offers everything from business broadband to multi-line phone systems and managed IT and cybersecurity services. Its cybersecurity services provide endpoint security, dark web monitoring and proactive monitoring to defend against network intrusions.

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Zeetta Networks is a software company developing solutions for enterprises to build and operate private data networks using network slicing capabilities. Network slicing allows companies to create virtual networks using a single 5G connection. According to Zeetta, this connection type creates better speeds and superior security.

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soVision IT is an end-to-end provider that offers support, software and consulting services to businesses looking to ramp up their IT infrastructure. Among its offerings are cloud hosting services, business broadband and managed cybersecurity. The company aims to manage customers’ IT needs so they can can focus on day-to-day operations. 

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Chorus, a managed security service provider, or MSSP, develops enterprise-level IT solutions. The company focuses on creating security solutions by using AI alongside Microsoft’s tech stack to help clients with their security needs. Chorus is a Microsoft partner that can provide support for Microsoft products. 

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Edge Cyber Security is a digital security company that helps businesses protect their data through wireless and infrastructure testing. The company also offers vulnerability assessments that scan for weak points in a network and it helps resolve those weaknesses.

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