14 Fintech Companies in London to Know

London’s fintech companies serve consumers and businesses in Europe and beyond. These are the ones we think you should know.

Written by Margo Steines
14 Fintech Companies in London to Know
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Dana Cassell | Jul 08, 2024

Fintech companies mix traditional banking and financial services with tech expertise to bring their customers solutions like e-wallets and online loan marketplaces. The U.K.’s fintech workforce has seen rapid growth over the years, with an array of startups and large enterprises finding a home in the country’s capital city. Here are some top fintech companies in London serving consumers and businesses throughout Europe and around the world.

Top Fintech Companies in London

  • Navan
  • Simply Business
  • Adyen
  • Funding Circle
  • Monzo
  • Revolut
  • GoCardless
  • Cleo


Fintech Companies in London to Know

International payment company Wise allows users to send money to other currencies with real exchange rates and no fees. Its platform empowers banks, fintechs and enterprises to build global payment solutions. According to the company, $11 billion moves through Wise’s platform each month in over 40 different currencies. Founded in 2011, Wise’s London office is one of 11 locations around the globe.


NetSuite partner and developer Zone & Company helps high-growth companies automate billing and revenue within NetSuite. Its products include ZoneBilling, ZoneReporting, ZoneReconcile, ZonePayments and ZonePayroll. Founded in 2013 as a remote company, Zone & Company’s London office is one of 19 international locations that accommodate employees who want to work on-site. 


FloQast supports accounting teams by automating common accounting workflows and helping to streamline processes to make them more efficient. Its AI-powered platform incorporates close management, accounting operations and connected compliance into one place. FloQast expanded to the U.K. in 2021, where its London office joins locations in Sydney and Los Angeles. 


Canoe Software creates software that automates processes for alternative investing, involving financial assets outside conventional categories of stocks, bonds and cash. Its tools support document collection, data extraction, data access and workflow creation for data analysis. Canoe Software has expanded into the European market with significant investments from Blackstone, Nasdaq and Portage Partners.


Morningstar is an investment analysis firm that serves financial services professionals, offering software products and platforms that bring data and research to the table. The company takes all the information in fund annual reports and marries it with an accessible data platform, which analysts, asset managers and other finance professionals look to for data-driven insights to guide their investments. 

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Toast builds tech solutions to streamline restaurant service. Its core offering is a point-of-sale system that businesses can rely on for payment processing, whether they’re providing tableside service or accepting online orders. Toast announced the expansion of its products into the U.K. market in 2023. Employees from teams like engineering, marketing and customer success work out of the company’s London office.

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Navan’s fintech solutions encompass corporate travel and expense management. Its platform is equipped with features to cover everything from making travel arrangements and issuing corporate cards to tracking travel-related carbon emissions. For finance teams, the software provides insights that can inform forecasting, policy setting and other key business processes.

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Simply Business is a digital insurance brokerage with a focus on small business insurance. Providing coverage to product, service and professional service businesses across industries, the company also partners with a leading provider of direct-to-consumer workers’ compensation policies to offer cost-effective coverage to small business clients. 

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Adyen combines payments, data and financial management capabilities into a single platform that serves a variety of business types, from retailers and quick service restaurants to subscription-based streaming services. In 2012, the company expanded its global footprint into the U.K. with the opening of its London office.

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Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects investors and small businesses. It operates in the U.K., the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands, putting money into small business owners’ hands quickly and with little friction. It essentially serves as a loan marketplace where customers can get term loans or cash-in-hand, often in just a few days.

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Monzo is an online bank that serves millions of customers in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It provides traditional banking services and products, like business, personal checking and savings accounts as well as lending products and international money transfers. It also has features for maintaining a budget and splitting bills. 

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Revolut is a fintech company serving businesses and individual users around the globe. It offers an app with services like card management, international currency exchange, crypto exchange, peer-to-peer payments and stock trading. Founded in 2015, the company provides commission-free trading on the New York Stock Exchange and on Nasdaq.

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GoCardless is a payment processing platform that handles automated, recurring and one-time payments online. It uses direct debit, also known as ACH debit or bank debit, to take instant payments and includes automated admin that can reconcile GoCardless payments with accounting systems like QuickBooks. Clients can use the platform to take payments through an online dashboard, integrated API or its software partners.

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Cleo, which was named a Forbes “Next Billion-Dollar Startup,” brings artificial intelligence to personal finance, using generative AI to provide financial advice to customers. The tech helps customers decide how much money to save each month, automatically designates funds to savings and “fines” users — with fines going to their savings accounts — for overspending on expenses deemed less than necessary.

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