5 San Antonio SEO Companies Helping Brands Compete

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 18, 2020
5 San Antonio SEO Companies Helping Brands Compete
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One pivotal key to success, no matter the industry, is a strong web presence. Companies of all kinds point to web design as a main factor in their market performance, and statistics show that around 75% of customers choose what businesses to place their trust in based solely on a company's website. Enterprises across the board are opening their eyes to the power of their digital presence, but having an eye-catching website is only half the battle. No matter how beautiful a web or mobile platform may be, it can easily get lost in the shuffle. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) agencies come in.

While advertising or creative agencies specialize in crafting web visuals, SEO agencies are focused on search engine rankings. Utilizing a combination of consumer research, keyword analysis and market data, SEO agencies can structure sites around exactly what customers are looking for. A strong SEO strategy can spell the difference between being hidden from view and landing that top result slot, and enlisting the help of an SEO company can propel any company to being the first in its class. In San Antonio, where the tech scene is steadily growing and competition is ramping up, a strong emphasis on SEO is more important to achieving success than ever. Check out these five San Antonio SEO companies focused on making your brand the best it can be. 

San Antonio SEO Companies to Know

  • Anubavam
  • LeadHub
  • Pear Analytics
  • Funnel Boost Media
  • Luna Brand Management
Anubavam San Antonio SEO Company

Founded: 2006

What they do: Anubavam supports the growth of its corporate clients by connecting them with cloud computing, CMS and mobile tools built to strengthen their digital enterprises. Collaborating in the past with mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies across the globe, Anuvabam's team boasts capabilities like UI/UX design, SEO, QA automation and other branding offerings. The company's team is capable of designing a variety of versatile products that can be used in education, retail, healthcare and other industry use cases.

Location: 7801 Broadway

Clients: Samsung, RealTelligence, Skyteam, The Madison Times, Cognizant. 


LeadHub San Antonio SEO Company

Founded: 2011

What they do: Leadhub helps companies expand their sales funnels and generate more leads with the help of branding and marketing expertise, delivering a suite of services that includes social media marketing, paid advertising, SEO and other services. Working primarily with companies in the home services industry, Leadhub helps its clients more effectively reach their customers via paid and organic traffic. The agency's capabilities provide each client with a holistic suite of digital marketing services, and its team has in the past worked on projects ranging from web design to Google AdWords campaigns.

Location: 4729 Shavano Oak

Clients: Shrapnel Media, Sammis|Ochoa, Weston Centre, EcoExpedite.

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Pear Analytics San Antonio SEO Company
Pear Analytics

Founded: 2008

What they do: Pear Analytics is a full-service marketing agency that serves companies across Texas, the United States, and beyond by encouraging their digital growth and expansion. With a primary focus on search engine ranking and lead generation, Pear Analytics combined hard data with a creative approach to help businesses turn ads and campaigns into revenue. The agency supports its clients branding initiatives in every channel imaginable, offering Google and Facebook ad management, email marketing, SEO, web design and advanced analytics services.

Location: 140 Heimer Rd.

Clients: Allied Hand Dryer, Bohanan's, VP Racing Fuels. 


Funnel Boost Media San Antonio SEO Company
FUnnel Boost Media

Founded: 2011

What they do: Funnel Boost Media's team specializes in search engine marketing and website design, assisting companies of all shapes and sizes to increase their visibility on the web. Linking creative design and data science, Funnel Boost Media's expert team has delivered results to home improvement companies, healthcare organizations, law firms, and a variety of other enterprises. In addition to its SEO offerings, the company also provides its clients with a range of services to choose from, including pay-per-click and social media marketing as well as desktop and mobile app design.

Location: 16500 San Pedro Ave.

Clients: Audi, Club Humidor, USCrop, Digital Staffing Age, TripPusher.


Luna Brand Management San Antonio SEO Company
Luna Brand Management

Founded: 2015

What they do: Luna Brand Management delivers a comprehensive set of digital marketing services to clients looking to amplify their voices online, granting them capabilities such as search engine optimization, reputation management, and social media advertising. From overall brand optimization to logo design, the agency's team is equipped to work on projects both large and small, and can tailor its extensive digital fluency to meet the needs of every brand. Luna Brand Management offers its services on a sliding scale subscription model, with the aim of connecting businesses with high-end marketing services on their own budget.

Location: Greater San Antonio Area

Clients: South Matrix, Providence Avenue, MGA Business Consulting, South Inc. Nashville.


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