6 Edtech Companies in Toronto to Know

See how these Toronto edtech companies enable better learning experiences.

Written by Margo Steines
6 Edtech Companies in Toronto to Know
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Margo Steines | Apr 08, 2024

The umbrella of education technology encompasses a vast array of solutions for making learning run smoothly. Canada is home to some of the leaders in the North American edtech market, which build products to serve grade school classrooms all the way through higher education courses and even professional development programs. These companies are some of Toronto’s biggest names in edtech.

Top Toronto Edtech Companies

  • Course Hero
  • Top Hat
  • Docebo
  • Modern Campus
  • Kira Talent
  • Xello


Top Edtech Companies in Toronto

Course Hero is an edtech company offering an online learning platform that connects students who are enrolled in specific courses with materials to augment the curriculum they receive from their instructor. Course Hero resources use artificial intelligence to provide answers, explanations and recommendations to users. The company also has live human tutors available through the platform along with tools like proofreading and grammar checkers. 

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Top Hat makes a cloud-based teaching platform for college professors, who use it to customize and distribute interactive digital textbooks and course materials as well as track student attendance. The software also has activities, assignments and features for student engagement. Professors can make and administer assessment tools like tests and quizzes as well as interact digitally with colleagues. 

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Docebo makes a cloud-based learning management system geared toward training for corporate teams. By providing stakeholders with content and administering programming, it facilitates precision skills training for all levels of employees. Docebo’s platform is powered by learning-specific artificial intelligence designed to automate learning processes for users.

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Modern Campus offers a student engagement platform for higher education. It serves students through the full range of their time in higher and continuing education systems. By catering to nontraditional and traditional college students, the company’s suite of edtech products support institutions and students from recruitment and enrollment to career planning and alumni services.

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Kira Talent makes admissions software for higher education and K-12 institutions. Its platform allows each client institution to customize assessment questions to pose to applicants. Users have options for live interviewing but they can also collect video or written applicant responses to review on-demand. Kira’s technology, which is used by prominent schools across the United States and Canada, includes tools for identifying plagiarism and mitigating bias when reviewing applicants’ assessments.

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Xello makes student engagement as well as college and career readiness software for learners at every stage, from elementary school through university. Its software uses quizzes and personality assessments to deliver recommendations about scholarly and professional spaces in which students might thrive. It also offers tools that allow teachers to monitor students’ progress. 

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Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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