3 Baltimore SEO Agencies Harnessing the Power of Search

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 30, 2020
3 Baltimore SEO Agencies Harnessing the Power of Search
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There are millions of websites spread across the web, but only a fraction of them make it to the first page of search engine results. When only 25 percent of people navigate past the first page of a search engine, achieving a high ranking in search results is key for any business. If the inner workings of search engines seem like a mystery, don't fear — ambitious companies can implement search engine optimization, or SEO, to climb to the top of the digital pack. 

In fact, the practice of SEO has become so methodical and high stakes, there are entire agencies devoted to getting it right. SEO agencies seek to help companies utilize various data and technology tools at their disposal to gain more attention in search results. By adopting keyword research, link building, and regular reporting, SEO agencies can not only aid companies in scoring positions on the first pages of search engines, but also set them up for long term visibility and impact in their industries. In Baltimore, where the emerging startup scene is starting to make waves in the greater tech community, earning those top positions in search results is key in propelling the city’s companies to the top of their class. Check out these three SEO agencies in Baltimore demystifying the process.

SEO Agencies in Baltimore to Know

  • R2integrated
  • Mindgrub
  • Groove Commerce
Mindgrub Baltimore SEO Agency

Founded: 2002

What they do: Mindgrub offers a combination of creative, technology-driven and strategic branding services to a client base of national and international companies in automotives, education, retail and other industries. From product design to campaign development, Mindgrub has formed alliances with some of the world's leading brands to craft websites, optimize content, and maximize user experiences in order to holistically elevate its clients' digital presences. Mindgrub's project portfolio has earned the company accolades from some of the leading awards organizations in the marketing field, and the agency has landed on the Inc. 5000 list several times.

Other services provided: UX design, systems integration, mobile app development, DevOps management, and team augmentation.

Clients: Crayola, Yamaha, NASA, Wendy's, Geico, Exelon.


R2integrated Baltimore SEO Agency

Founded: 2003

What they do: R2integrated is a full-service marketing agency focused on helping businesses of all shapes and sizes adopt inspired, technology-driven solutions to elevate their digital footprints. In the past, its team has worked together to build demand generation platforms, mobile experiences, and audience engagement tools for its client brands. R2integrated's digital marketing suite connects brands to a swath of strategy and development services, and alongside its SEO work offers conversion optimization, data activation, email marketing campaign design, and much more.

Other services provided: Experience design, teleservices, media production, and technology integration.

Clients: Quinnipiac University, Senseonics, Pentair, CloudBlue, Bluetooth.


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Groove Commerce Baltimore SEO Agency
Groove Commerce

Founded: 2007

What they do: Groove Commerce's team of brand strategists and technology developers partner with brands across the country to design websites, generate leads, build integrated online shopping platforms, and generally support companies in their efforts to carve out niches in their industries. With a focus on supporting companies in the e-commerce sector, Groove Commerce utilizes SEO best practices to maximize brand impacts, offering link building, keyword research, SEO reporting and a variety of other targeted search-focused services. For over a decade, the agency has guided companies in not only shaping their online voices but also boost profits through digital marketing, and its work has earned recognition by the Addy's, DPTW, HubSpot and the Inc. 5000.

Other services provided: Website support, email marketing, sales enablement, and e-commerce PPC.

Clients: Curtain Call, Mylen, CRNR, Natori.


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