5 AI Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

These companies are building AI platforms and finding creative use cases for this swiftly developing tech.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 06, 2024
5 AI Companies in Ahmedabad to Know
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Artificial intelligence has quickly become a critical technology and India is investing significant resources in it. Several governmental departments are engaged in multi-stakeholder initiatives to develop use cases for the tech, especially across healthcare and labor sectors. As AI continues to grow and change, here are some companies in Ahmedabad that are already using the tech in creative ways. 

Top AI Companies in Ahmedabad to Know

  • Nettyfy Technologies
  • Prescinto
  • Prepseed
  • Yaraa AI
  • MindInventory


Top AI Companies in Ahmedabad

Nettyfy Technologies is one of Ahmedabad’s larger AI companies. It specializes in tailored machine learning development and partners with various clients to integrate AI platforms into their workflows. The company’s services include providing scalability and ongoing support services. Since its launch, Nettyfy Technologies has developed chatbots, robo-investors and AI security platforms. 


Prescinto is a renewable energy company that uses artificial intelligence to monitor solar and wind assets. After analyzing any issues that arise, Prescinto provides recommendations to improve energy generation by up to 7 percent. According to the company, over 14,000 renewable projects use its platform.

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Prepseed develops custom large language models for schools and students. The platform can generate practice tests and study materials for specific topics that adapt to individual students’ abilities. Prepseed’s AI can integrate with an organization’s educational portal so students can access its tailored testing materials. 


Yaraa AI developed a work assistance platform that facilitates team collaboration. The platform creates projects and tasks without human interaction and features various AI tools to improve efficiency, including voice-to-text, project trackers and team calendars.  

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MindInventory helps businesses integrate new technologies, and among its offerings are a number of AI solutions. Its AI services include machine learning and AI development, robotics automation services and generative AI consulting. MindInventory was founded in Ahmedabad and it has an office in the United States.

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