5 Aerospace Companies in Toronto

These aerospace companies develop commercial airliners and partner with world governments for defense innovation.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 18, 2024
5 Aerospace Companies in Toronto
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Toronto, one of Canada’s largest cities, plays an important role in the country’s development of aerospace technologies and exports products to several hundred other countries. Aerospace companies in Toronto range from global enterprises to mid-size research companies but are all making advances in aviation, defense and space. Below are some of the most interesting aerospace companies in Toronto to keep an eye on.

Top Aerospace Companies in Toronto

  • Boeing
  • Solar Ship
  • Skygauge
  • L3Harris 
  • Exodus Orbitals


Top 5 Aerospace Companies in Toronto

Boeing is a global aerospace company with development facilities and offices around the globe. The company is known for designing and manufacturing commercial and defense aircrafts. Boeing has a large presence in Canada and hires across tech domains for data, engineering and project management. 

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Solar Ship develops aerospace products that run on renewable energy and need little to no infrastructure to operate. The company’s goal is to use its aircrafts to increase access to transportation and communication technology in remote areas.

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Skygauge is a drone company that develops robotics to perform physical work like high-rise window washing, pressure washing and maintenance inspections. According to the company, its drones help employees by completing high-risk jobs typically performed by people. 

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L3Harris is an aerospace and defense company that develops products for air, land, sea, space and cyber settings. When it comes to aerospace, the company has developed fighter jets, autonomous aircrafts and aerial imaging systems. 

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Exodus Orbitals is a satellite rental company that enables developers to run their software on satellites. After running the code, developers can download the collected data to continue with their experiments. According to Exodus Orbitals, running code on a satellite is useful for earth imaging, asset tracking and signal analytics. 

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