A coffee table book is a conversation starter. With a commanding size and visual presence, its decorative function serves to aestheticize as well as to inspire discussion.

That’s why global commercetools launched a coffee table book of its own.

But the company isn’t a publisher, and its coffee table book is not about interior design or architecture — it’s about its Women in Tech (WiT) ERG, one of the core cultural pillars of the company.  


What does commercetools do?

commercetools is a leading digital commerce software provider equipping enterprises with the flexibility needed to easily build and customize their digital commerce infrastructures at scale. Providing businesses with flexible APIs, commercetools enables brands and retailers to capture greater shares of the trillion-dollar e-commerce market by evolving their customer experiences without having to invest significant time, money or resources. 


On International Women’s Day, women at commercetools gave candid thoughts on the continued fight for inclusion. Some gave personal anecdotes, while others relied on statistics to drive the point home. No matter the expression, the collective words and experiences from these individuals advocate for more discourse on the topic.

This was especially poignant for Diana Fusekova, senior partner marketing manager, and Marlies Isabella Riepl, senior global alliances marketing manager — co-founders of the WiT ERG. The duo used their experience in other women-based communities to carve out a space for their peers at commercetools, where ideas were heard and experiences were shared freely. 

“Marlies and I are members of forums and organizations that focus on women empowerment,” Fusekova said. “It’s remarkable seeing women from all over the world contribute their ideas and advocate for gender equality worldwide.”

At commercetools, they work hard to foster a supportive environment that encourages feedback and promotes equity. Their ERG has more than 120 members with diverse backgrounds, working in various roles. “With their unique perspectives, they’ve been instrumental in shaping the future of the ERG and its initiatives,” Fusekova added.


WiT’s Mission Statement

  • Providing support and growth opportunities
  • Reducing intersectional biases and raising awareness of their impact
  • Fostering healthy dialogue on issues, challenges, and solutions within the global demographic 


The committee’s virtual coffee table project is a visual representation of its outsized importance. Displaying advice, anecdotes and photos from the group’s valued members, the book is both a practical and symbolic reminder of the conversations they hope to create throughout the industry, about “raising women up and supporting each other,” said Fusekova.

While a tech company carving out space for women to collaborate, share and empathize isn’t uncommon, the group’s mission intentionally aligns with commercetools’ core values. DEI has been a business priority since its founding. The WiT ERG takes this focus one step further.

For the members of the ERG, their mission isn’t confined to the pages of a coffee table book — but it’s a start. Built In sat down with Fusekova to see how a strong, unified group of women is making a lasting impact at commercetools and beyond.


commercetools team photo at last year's summer party


What makes your ERG and its work different from other company groups?

With everything we do in the WiT ERG, we aim to make sure it’s as collaborative as possible. We make sure that the ERG is driven by women in the community — we actively listen to them, hear their feedback, ideas and input. Through this community, we embrace equity, and each member’s unique differences to foster a supportive environment. We actively work with the members every day, discussing their experiences as women in tech in order to be as supportive as possible to our members and beyond. 


“Through this community, we aim to embrace equity, and each member’s unique differences to foster an overall supportive environment.”


How do you bring the work of the committee to your personal life?

For each woman I meet, at commercetools and beyond, I treat them the way we treat each other in the WiT ERG — with compassion and support. I love to celebrate the success of other women by acknowledging and sharing their achievements. I advocate for other women by speaking up for their rights, promoting their work and highlighting their strengths. 


two commercetools members making a speech


How does the group’s work fit into the larger mission of the company?

commercetools’ mission is to challenge and change the world of e-commerce, and having strong female leaders is a huge part of this. By supporting and nurturing the next generation of women at our company — who will grow into leadership positions — we will significantly contribute to the diversity of our organization and leadership bench.

Research has shown that companies with more women in senior positions are more profitable, more socially responsible, and provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences, among many other benefits.


“commercetools’ mission is to challenge and change the world of e-commerce, and having strong female leaders is a huge part of this.”


Having diversity in our leadership team also means having greater depth and breadth of experience and perspective, which in turn allows for a greater ability to relate to employees, customers and stakeholders. 


company photo from bird's eye view


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