Anderson Chen
Staff Writer at Built In

Anderson Chen is a Built In staff writer covering tech companies for Brand Studio. He has been working as a content writer and journalist since 2018. Chen has a degree in molecular environmental biology from the University of California-Berkeley as well as a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. 


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AddShoppers team photo at an event
Mar 31, 2023
It takes a special product, and the right talent-filled culture, for a company to occupy its own tech niche. Built In sat down with AddShoppers to see how guiding principles helped cement its advantages.
product images of PGA' TOURs new digital experience
Mar 30, 2023
Ushering in the digital era for a legendary sport requires great care and aplomb. At Work & Co, that’s par for the course.
inspirant group leaders in costume
Mar 30, 2023
In 2017, Inspirant Group’s three co-founders came together to start the business. Six years later, as the company embarks on a new chapter, it’s their complementary leadership that’s made it all possible.
photo of commercetools office lobby with chairs and logo
Mar 29, 2023
ERGs are a microcosm of a tech company’s values. For commercetools’ Women in Tech ERG, however, the mission goes beyond the business.
four employees standing in front of Nasuni mural
Mar 28, 2023
To maintain its upward trajectory, Nasuni is empowering employees such as Elke Pollischansky to grow alongside its innovative platform and ambitious goals.
image of stax and cardx logos with a purple shade and picture of a credit card in use
Mar 27, 2023
Surcharging in the U.S. is a relatively unknown concept, one that could be invaluable for small businesses. CardX is looking to change that.
company photo near the water in nyc
Mar 24, 2023
The company’s education program is a central pillar of its company values and operations, anchoring the philosophy behind its innovative research software.
core digital media sign and logo
Mar 24, 2023
For one tech company in Los Angeles, the office is a community defined by its people, culture and values.
Convoy company photo in front of decorated freight truck
Mar 06, 2023
The company’s annual event is a reflection of its innovative work culture, where no idea is too small, and core business products can come from anywhere.
Stash team photo taken outside on a roof
Mar 02, 2023
The fintech company wants to help Americans navigate uncertain economic conditions. With Stash Core, the team is equipped to do just that.
Courier office with employees working in communal space
Feb 13, 2023
There’s no one solution to building a good work culture. At Courier, the team uses a suite of employee-centered policies to acquire and retain talent.
photo of a big sports stadium shot from the audience stands
Feb 03, 2023
At Boingo Wireless, new hires are supported from day one with a robust onboarding process.