In a post-pandemic world, much of the workforce has shed a notable anchor: physical location. Untethered by material workspaces, remote teams unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth — for both the individual and the company. 

“In the wake of remote work and distributed teams, company growth is no longer confined to physical boundaries,” said Director of Engineering Phillip Dean

Although decentralization creates a steep learning curve for communication and culture-building, it also leverages the power of the remote talent pool — pushing onto the global stage. 


“In the wake of remote work and distributed teams, company growth is no longer confined to physical boundaries.”


With this capacity for exponential growth comes the need for measured strategy, noted Director of Product Edgar Uaje.

“Companies now recognize the importance of combining growth with profitability,” he observed. 

Wary of a “growth-at-all-costs” mentality, Uaje sees power in the parallel, purposeful expansion of revenue and personnel. 

In this tempered twist on traditional hypergrowth narratives, Business Development Manager Monae Martin chimed in, highlighting customer-centric innovation as’s cornerstone for expansion. 

“By constantly seeking new ways to improve and differentiate our offerings, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of our customers,” she said, underscoring the growing importance of AI as a tool for innovation, which has nudged to reimagine its future. 


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People-Oriented Growth

At the heart of’s products are its intentional hiring practices. 

“The talented individuals we hire ensure high product standards, user-centric experiences and product quality,” said Uaje. In the face of ambitious development projects, the director of product remains as optimistic as ever. 

“No matter the constraints, I’ve always remained steadfast in my commitment to refining our product,” he said.

Uaje’s approach to growth isn’t numbers-driven, it’s people-driven. To support this, he places high emphasis on the continuous evolution of his team’s skills.  

“We provide access to courses and online articles, promoting continuous learning,” he explained, tapping collaboration and knowledge-sharing as foundational qualities of his team. 

With a product out of beta and an iOS app in the wings, Uaje believes the time is ripe for acceleration at

“By providing a convenient and seamless mobile experience, we are poised to capture new customers and enhance user engagement,” he said.

Underpinning this growth is sustainability — which Uaje sees as a must-have in an ever-evolving tech landscape. “It promotes ethical practices, employee well-being and community engagement, fostering a positive reputation and building trust among stakeholders,” he concluded. 


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More Than a Buzzword 

Inside, innovation is more than a buzzword. Rather, it has been and continues to be a driving force behind the company’s success. 

“By constantly seeking new ways to improve and differentiate our offerings, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of our customers,” Martin said.  

This culture of innovation has been bolstered by the adoption of AI, breaking open a new level of market expansion, she noted. Throughout this acceleration, though, has maintained the ethos of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

“When I joined, I was drawn to the smaller working environment,” Martin reflected. “Being part of a smaller team allowed me to be involved in a wide range of projects.”


Throughout its acceleration, has maintained the ethos of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


The close-knit team afforded Martin the opportunity to gain exposure to a diversity of tasks — resulting in expertise that she carries with her as the company expands. With this company growth has come the expansion of collective wisdom and expertise, which is further nurtured by skill-building and professional development resources. 

“ fosters a collaborative environment where colleagues are always willing to share their valuable insights and expertise,” said Martin. “Whenever we face challenges or need guidance, we can rely on the experience and expertise of our colleagues.” 

As the company eyes acceleration, Martin has kept her fingers on the pulse of two macro trends: rapid digital transformation and increasing customer-centricity. While the trends seem disparate, Martin perceives both as integral pieces of’s future. 

“At, we view our customers as an integral part of our community, and we prioritize creating a strong sense of community involvement,” she said. “We’ve invested in both cutting-edge AI technologies and a customer-centric approach, actively engaging with our community.” 


Everything’s Coming Up AI  

In the roiling evolution of modern technology, Dean has seen a monumental shift in the way businesses grow. 

“AI holds the key to enabling businesses to scale faster and more efficiently,” he said. 

It’s the crux of’s hiring strategy, which is focused on expanding the company’s AI expertise. 

“This rapid expansion is a direct response to the increasing importance of technology and AI in our operations and product offerings,” he explained. “By strengthening our engineering team, we’re not only enhancing our current offerings but also building the foundation for future innovation.”


“AI holds the key to enabling businesses to scale faster and more efficiently.” 


But external hiring isn’t the only way fortifies its team. In addition, the company invests heavily in its existing team with ample opportunities for professional growth and perpetual exploration of cutting-edge tools. 

“As our business evolves, so too must the skills of our team,” said Dean. “Continuous education and learning are key pillars of our success.” 

It’s an adaptive culture that has helped transcend its original goals.

“Our growth has far exceeded our initial expectations,” he said. “Each milestone we’ve achieved has not only validated our vision but expanded it.

“The team’s ability to consistently challenge me has led to a dynamic vision for our company’s future,” he continued. “It’s a testament to the power of assembling a team that is not only skilled but deeply passionate.” 



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