Jenny Lyons-Cunha

Jenny Lyons-Cunha is a Built In editor and former staff writer for Brand Studio. Lyons-Cunha has been writing about human interest, sustainability, mental health, change-making and more for nonprofits and tech companies since 2013. She holds a B.A. in Literary Journalism from the University of California, Irvine, an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Nonfiction from San Fransisco State University and an M.S. in Digital Media Management from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. She has been published in KIOSK.

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The Chainlink Labs company waves at the camera from an aerial angle.
Built In sat down with three members of Chainlink Labs’ tech team to talk about the challenges and joys of shaping Web3.
 Five Geneva Trading team members smile at a Cubs game.
Creamer sat down with Built In to reflect on the company’s humble beginnings, present initiatives and future ambitions.
 3Play team members are gathered around picnic tables under a big outdoor tent at a company event. They are wearing bright colors.
The future of video accessibility calls for a human touch. Built In sat down with three team members from 3Play Media to discuss how the media accessibility platform values humans above all — from its customer experience to company culture.
ZS team members around conference table in meeting
The core values of management consulting and technology firm ZS have powered global growth, systemic change and recognition from world leadership. Built In sat down with some of its team to learn more.
Senior engineer Janine Garcia talks with a colleague at the Reverb office in Chicago
Senior Engineer Janine Garcia sat down with Built In to talk about the ERGs that help the Reverb team support — and celebrate — its unique humans.
artistic rendering of collaboration
In the fintech industry, there is strength in cross-functional collaboration. Three of Opto Investments’ team members sat down with Built In to discuss the importance of healthy communication.
CarGurus team members gather at LGBTQ+ Pride parade
A sense of community drives diverse perspectives, cross-team collaboration and continuous growth at CarGurus. Built In sat down with three ERG leaders to learn how.
Photo of Capital One office interior with large art display.
Capital One continues to innovate and use tech to change the banking industry. Built In sat down with experts from its newest business, Capital One Software, to learn more about the organization’s roots in innovation — and its latest exciting endeavors.
Five Liberty Mutual team members gather at a community table in Liberty Mutual’s common area with laptops, in discussion.
Liberty Mutual has more than a century of insurance expertise — but its tech evolution is just getting started. Built In sat down with three experts to talk about how product ownership is driving innovation.
Photo of audience of DISH employees at a large presentation
DISH believes opportunity is its greatest benefit — and that means preparing its team members for their next step. Built In sat down with three members of its leadership development team to find out how DISH cultivates greatness.
Three Merck team members stand next to banner for 2023 MRL Science Symposium
Merck’s Data Science and Scientific Informatics team of Research and Development Sciences IT is tackling age-old questions and emerging challenges alike with a dynamic multidisciplinary approach — all while serving its mission of saving lives.
Three Workiva employees sit at an outdoor table with laptops in meeting, smiling.
Workiva’s genuine culture stands the test of time — as manifested in its impressively low turnover rates. Three team members share their experiences with inclusion, growth and transparency at the company.