Matthew Urwin | Jul 14, 2022

Artificial intelligence could add $15.7 trillion to the global GDP by 2030, so it’s no surprise that businesses — including numerous publicly traded companies — increasingly rely on machine learning to power innovation, creation and growth.

Publicly Traded AI Companies to Watch

  • Micron Technology (MU)
  • IBM (IBM)
  • Google (GOOG)
  • John Deere (DE)
  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • Splunk (SPLK)

From factory robotics to customer service chatbots, machines armed with complex algorithms processing massive amounts of data are helping companies in nearly every industry achieve explosive growth.

Here are 12 publicly traded companies at the forefront of AI innovation.


Publicly Traded AI Companies to Watch

Founded: 1978 

Location: Boise, Idaho 

Stock Symbol: MU

Micron Technology has enhanced its chip packages with AI, machine learning and deep learning. Because of its focus on AI and analytics, the company has produced hardware that showcases increased storage capacity, faster memory and high-quality data filtering. As a result, teams can conduct analyses and gather rich insights while reducing the time and energy needed to complete these processes.


Founded: 1911

Location: Armonk, New York 

Stock Symbol: IBM

IBM has streamlined a range of industries with its AI assistant IBM Watson, which displays AI and machine learning capabilities. These abilities have supported customer service teams, which benefit from Watson’s ability to automate repetitive tasks, translate speech to text, compile and organize data and integrate with various CRM platforms. IT operations, advertising and other fields have also adopted IBM’s AI technology to create more effective workflows.


Founded: 1998

Location: Mountain View, California

Stock Symbol: GOOG

Already known for its deep learning tools that enhance speech recognition and search engine suggestions, Google is expanding its research and developing tools for a variety of sectors, ranging from healthcare to disaster management. Google DeepMind is using artificial intelligence to solve problems in healthcare and science and has defeated a world champion in the ancient board game of Go.

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Founded: 1837

Location: Moline, Illinois

Stock Symbol: DE

John Deere isn’t usually viewed as a traditional tech company, but the agriculture giant uses AI to automate its farming equipment. The company’s AI enables tractors to autonomously navigate fields and helps with the overall farming process. John Deere acquired agricultural artificial intelligence company Blue River Technology in 2017 to boost its AI program. The first product from this partnership is a system that uses machine learning algorithms to determine where a tractor should spray pesticides.


Founded: 1999

Location: San Francisco, California

Stock Symbol: CRM

Salesforce is a cloud-computing company that develops personalized customer relationship management software. The Salesforce Einstein AI platform performs a variety of predictive tasks for sales and marketing teams. Einstein automatically prioritizes sales leads that are most likely to convert based on history and past deals, and it will even recommend personalized content that could foster the most engagement.


Founded: 2003

Location: San Francisco, California

Stock Symbol: SPLK

Splunk uses machine learning and AI for operational intelligence in security, IT and business. The company’s artificial intelligence data platform uses machine learning to cluster important data into logical groupings, detect anomalies and make predictions. Splunk partnered with Hyatt hotels to help centralize the chain’s data. Hyatt used Splunk’s AI and machine learning to identify issues with its check-in system and make predictions about future business plans.


Founded: 1993

Location: Santa Clara, California

Stock Symbol: NVDA

NVIDIA is a manufacturer of graphics-processor technologies with a growing deep learning AI division. The company uses its line of AI platforms to power self-driving cars, help drones act autonomously and perform as an image processing tool for medical imaging equipment. NVIDIA’s deep learning GPUs have been featured in Tesla’s autonomous vehicles, and the NVIDIA DRIVE Map tool equips these vehicles with high-quality camera and radar technology.


Founded: 2014

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Stock Symbol: VERI

Veritone is an operating system for AI that manages content and suggests actions based on what it learns. The company’s aiWARE enables AI developers in the media and legal industries as well as government to organize, manage, search and analyze metadata and content. The artificial intelligence operating system scans audio recordings of quality control calls and media content to identify any problems in customer complaints or if a specific product placement resonates with audiences.


Founded: 1986

Location: Mountain View, California

Stock Symbol: SNPS

Synopsys has a line of AI products for silicon-based microchips and software. The company’s Fusion Technology provides several key AI-focused technologies, including logic restructuring and MAC topology optimization. In addition, the Synopsys DesignWare IP for Artificial Intelligence is a processor for developing AI tools across many industries, and Synopsys has so far assisted in developing AI solutions for the specialized processing of medical imaging as well as natural language processing

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Founded: 1988

Location: San Jose, California

Stock Symbol: QUIK

An originator in creating semiconductors for mobile and portable electronics, QuickLogic uses AI for cognitive sensing in different technologies, like IoT devices and drones. The QuickLogic QuickAI platform helps IoT devices gain knowledge of surroundings, inspection machines to identify different textures and surfaces and appliances to predict maintenance needs.


Founded: 2013

Location: Laguna Hills, California

Stock Symbol: BRN

BrainChip is a provider of software and hardware for AI and machine learning applications. The company is considered a leader in neuromorphic computing, a branch of AI that simulates the functionality of the human neuron. With its processor IP Akida, BrainChip has developed software that mimics the networks of the human brain for increased efficiency while reducing the amount of energy required to support such a system.


Founded: 1997

Location: Los Gatos, California

Stock Symbol: NFLX

You can thank Netflix’s AI for your next binge-watching session. The company uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to learn your personal likes and dislikes to recommend the ideal library of content. From genre to specific movies, Netflix constantly deploys AI to personalize the user experience for its subscribers. According to research and engineering director Julian Basilico, Netflix also uses AI algorithms to choose which content cover art is most likely to be clicked on.

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