Margo Steines | Jan 24, 2024

Once an idea only existing in sci-fi, artificial intelligence now plays a role in our daily lives. In fact, we expect it from our tech products. No one wants to reconfigure their entire tech suite every time a new update is launched. We need technology that can process code for us, solve problems independently, and learn from past mistakes so we have free time to focus on the big picture issues. 

That’s where AI comes in. It makes projects run smoother, data cleaner and our lives easier. Around 37 percent of companies use AI to run their businesses, according to the tech research firm Gartner. That number should only grow in coming years, considering the number of companies using artificial intelligence jumped 270 percent from 2015 to 2019. 

AI is already a staple of the business world and helps thousands of companies compete in today’s evolving tech landscape. If your company hasn’t already adopted artificial intelligence, here are the top 17 tools you can choose from.

Top AI Tools

  • Spectrum
  • Dropbox
  • Symantec
  • Harver
  • Tableau
  • Salesforce
  • H2O.ai
  • Oracle


Top AI Tools to Know

Specialty: Advertising

Connectivity company Spectrum, in partnership with video startup Waymark, recently unveiled a novel platform for television commercial production. The platform allows businesses to create highly produced, on-brand commercials that use AI instead of voice actors. The commercials can be created in five minutes. This service, marketed to local businesses, has the potential to democratize the television advertising space by lowering the cost to play.


Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service that aims to reinvent the productivity tool. Users can store, sync, sign and send large files nearly instantly within a streamlined interface. The Dropbox AI feature allows users to pose questions about or request summaries of files, while Dropbox Dash uses AI to power a universal search that coheres a user’s tools, content and apps into one search bar.


Specialty: Cybersecurity

Companies that conduct any aspect of their business online need to evaluate their cybersecurity. Symantec Endpoint Protection is one tool that secures digital assets with machine learning technology. As the program encounters different security threats, it can independently learn over time how to distinguish between good and malicious files. This alleviates the human responsibility of configuring software and running updates, because the platform’s AI interface can automatically download new updates and learn from each security threat to better combat malware, according to Symantec’s website.


Specialty: Recruiting

Rather than siloing recruiting, background checks, resume screening and interview assessments, Harver aims to centralize all recruiting steps in one end-to-end, AI-enabled platform. The company’s AI-powered hiring workflow helps recruiting teams streamline their operations and cut back on spending by up to 40 percent, according to Harver’s website. With Harver’s tools, users can automate reference checks, interview scheduling, and candidate behavioral and cognitive screening.


Specialty: Business intelligence

Tableau is a data visualization software platform with which companies can make industry forecasts and form business strategies. Tableau’s AI and augmented analytics features help users get access to data insights more quickly than they would through manual methods, according to the company’s site. Some names among Tableau’s client base include Verizon, Lenovo, Hello Fresh and REI Co-op.


Specialty: Business intelligence

Salesforce is a cloud-enabled, machine learning integrated software platform that companies can use to manage their customer service, sales and product development operations. The company’s AI platform, called Einstein AI, acts as a smart assistant that can offer recommendations and automate repetitive data input to help employees make more data informed decisions, according to the platform’s site. Scalable for companies ranging in size from startups to major corporations, Salesforce also offers a variety of apps that can be integrated into their platform so companies can customize their interface to meet their specific needs.


Specialty: Business intelligence

H2O.ai is a machine learning platform that helps companies approach business challenges with the help of real-time data insights. From fraud detection to predictive customer support, H2O.ai’s tools can handle a broad range of business operations and free up employee time to focus efforts on greater company strategies. Traditionally long term projects can be accomplished by the company’s driverless AI in hours or minutes, according to H2O’s site.


Specialty: Software development

Specifically designed for developers and engineers, Oracle AI uses machine learning principles to analyze customer feedback and create accurate predictive models based on extracted data. Oracle’s platform can automatically pull data from open source frameworks so that developers don’t need to create applications or software from scratch, said the company’s site. Its platform also offers chatbot tools that evaluates customer needs and connects them with appropriate resources or support.


Specialty: Business Intelligence

SAS is an AI data management program that relies on open source and cloud-enablement technologies to help companies direct their progress and growth. SAS’s platform can handle an array of business functions including customer intelligence, risk assessment, identity verification and business forecasting to help companies better control their direction, according to the company’s site.


Specialty: Fintech

Zest AI does AI-driven lending, which brings the power of machine learning to the fintech space by using AI to make decisions in credit underwriting. It works with banks, credit unions and other lenders to replace bias-laden human decision makers with AI-driven credit decisions, which are thought to reduce risk and make the lending process fairer and more transparent.


Specialty: Business intelligence 

Tellius is a business intelligence platform that relies on AI technologies to help companies get a better grasp and understanding of their strategies, successes and growth areas. Tellius’s platform offers an intelligent search function that can organize data and make it easy for employees to understand, helping them visualize and understand the factors driving their business outcomes. According to Tellius’s site, users can ask questions within the platform to discover through lines in their data, sort hefty data and gather actionable insights.


Specialty: Sales

Gong is an AI driven sales platform that companies can use to analyze customer interactions, forecast future deals and visualize sales pipelines. Gong’s biggest asset is its transparency, which gives everyone from employees to leaders insight into team performance, direction changes and upcoming projects. It automatically transforms individual pieces of customer feedback into overall trends that companies can use to discover weak points and pivot their strategies as needed, according to Gong’s site.


Specialty: Business intelligence

Zia, a product offering from business software company Zoho, is a cloud-integrated AI platform built to help companies gather organizational knowledge and turn customer feedback into strategy. Zia’s AI tools can analyze customer sales patterns, client schedules and workflow patterns to help employees on every team increase their productivity and success rates, said the company’s site. 


More AI Tools to Know


Specialty: Coding

Caffe is an open-source deep learning framework with which developers and coders can define, design and deploy their software products. Developed by Berkeley AI Research, Caffe is used by researchers, startups and corporations to launch digital projects, and can be integrated with Python to fine-tune code models, test projects and automatically solve bug issues, according to Caffe’s site.

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Specialty: Software development

Another open source platform, TensorFlow is specifically designed to help companies build machine learning projects and neural networks. TensorFlow is capable of Javascript integration and can help developers easily build and train machine learning models to fit their company’s specific business needs. Some of the companies that rely on its services are Airbnb, Google, Intel and X, according to TensorFlow’s site.



Specialty: Scheduling

TimeHero is an AI-enabled time management platform that helps users manage their project calendars, to-do lists and schedules as needed. The platform’s machine learning capabilities can automatically remind employees when meetings take place, when to send emails and when certain projects are due, according to TimeHero’s site. Individual TimeHero users can sync their personal calendars with those of their team so that they can collaborate more efficiently on projects and work around each other’s due dates. 



Specialty: Code development

Specifically designed for integration with Python, Theano is an AI powered library that developers can use to develop, optimize and successfully launch code projects. Because it’s built with machine learning capabilities, Theano can independently diagnose and solve bugs or system malfunctions with minimal external support, according to the product’s site.

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Specialty: Software development

OpenNN is an open-source software library that uses neural network technology to more quickly and accurately interpret data. A more advanced AI tool, OpenNN’s advantage is being able to analyze and load massive data sets and train models faster than its competitors, according to its website.

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