Sam Daley
Associate Product Manager at Built In

Sam Daley is a Built In associate product manager who formerly covered AI, blockchain and emerging tech trends for Prior to joining Built In, Daley worked as a CNN production assistant, a development coordinator for Rotary International and a research intern for the Iowa Legislature. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and government, international relations, law, politics and society from Drake University

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blockchain applications
Aug 10, 2022
Check out how these companies use blockchain technology for everyday applications.
blockchain in healthcare
Aug 09, 2022
Blockchain in healthcare is used for everything from securing patient data to managing the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Hybrid Cloud Computing Applications and Companies
Jul 22, 2022
These companies are advancing the world of hybrid cloud storage and hybrid cloud solutions.
blockchain logistics
Jul 21, 2022
These companies use the blockchain to boost the security and efficiency of supply chains and logistics.
network security companies
Jul 20, 2022
These network security companies are working to protect our information from data breaches.
blockchain banking
Jul 19, 2022
These companies apply blockchain in finance to help the banking and finance industries find their stride.
Top Cybersecurity Consulting Firms
Jul 15, 2022
Cybersecurity consulting firms are helping companies create a digital security foundation.
Blockchain insurance coin stack
Jul 14, 2022
How blockchain in insurance works, and a look at the companies leading the way.
ai public companies
Jul 14, 2022
These publicly traded companies are making an impact within the field of artificial intelligence.
blockchain banking
Jul 14, 2022
These companies are making banking simpler by investing in the possibilities of blockchain.
mobile edge computing
Jul 14, 2022
These companies stay on the cutting edge to bridge the cloud and connected devices.
cloud data storage companies
Jul 07, 2022
With cloud storage, these companies maneuver quintillions of bytes (that’s a lot).